What is pony.social?

This is an unofficial Manechat Mastodon server, all users from Manechat are invited to join!

Home to 34 users
Who authored 1,228 statuses
Connected to 928 other instances
The rules for this instance are mostly the same as on the Manechat My Little Pony Discord Server, an up-to-date version can be found at manechat.net
The following exceptions apply:
  • NSFW may be permitted if it's marked with a CW/NSFW in the mastodon app, violations will be deleted without warning
  • Offensive or Controversial topics must be either set to Unlisted, Private or CW/NSFW, violations will be deleted without warning
  • Spoilers must be marked with CW/NSFW, violations may result in an immediate ban
  • Shitposting is permitted but spam is not. Violations may result in an immediate ban
  • In case of severe violations contact an administrator immediately or send a mail to b@tscs37eu
  • For Content Takedowns or DMCA-like requests, send an email to notice@tscs37.eu
  • The Federated Timeline may contain non-NSFW but controversial content, federation means we get a lot of traffic and flyby content from other servers. You may flag excessively controversial or any NSFW content in the timeline

Additional Legal Information
  • This instance is operated under German Law and Regulations, the EU GDPR and ePrivacy regulations apply to all users
  • No private data is stored beyond what is necessary. You can inspect the exact data processed in the source code of this application
  • Moderators and Administrators may ban users if they violate the rules of this instance, decisions may be repealed by emailing b@tscs37.eu
  • There is no legal uptime guarantee but the expected maximum downtime of operation will be less than 20 minutes per month, the expected actual downtime less than 2 minutes per month

Support our hosting costs via Liberapay!

Impressum / Legal Contact

Tim Schuster
Auf der Ebene 18
86459 Gessertshausen

Phone: +49 01525 8906 782
Email: b@tscs37.eu or b@timschuster.info