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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Be pony-like and kind to other members. Trolling, impersonation, and similar acts are not acceptable!
  2. We may unfederate from instances that produce an undue amount of traffic or content that is not suitable for this instance
  3. This instance is SFW primarly, mark NSFW with a CW and try to keep it out of the timeline
  4. Uncurated or Uncontrolled Bots will be banned, bots should only interact with users if the user acted first
  5. Offensive topics should not appear in the public timeline, if possible.
  6. Harassment, Brigading, Doxing or Stalking will not be tolerated, Friendship is Magic after all
  7. Starlight Glimmer is best pony

Instance Rules and Infomration


The following is a list of rules you must follow to participate in this instance. The rules are harshly formulated and orient themselves around the mastodon.social CoC, manechat.net Rules and German Law&Legal Code.
In general this instance is Pony and Nerd (as in the #science-and-tech Channel on manechat.net) themed. Topics such as Ponies, Ponies, Technology, Programming, Science, Ponies and even more Ponies are welcome!
The below rules may sound harsh and we apologize for that, the author is german. In general we will not be harsh when applying the rules, it's okay to make mistakes, forgiveness is better than punishment.


The rules for this instance are mostly the same as on the Manechat My Little Pony Discord Server, an up-to-date version can be found at manechat.net
The following exceptions apply:
  • NSFW may be permitted if it's marked with a CW/NSFW in the mastodon app, violations will be deleted without warning, NSFW will be handled as it is on the /r/mylittlepony Subreddit
  • Offensive topics must be either set to Unlisted, Private or CW/NSFW, violations will be deleted without warning
  • Uncurated Bots will be banned. A bot is uncurated if it actively engages with users without prior consent from the user in a uncontrolled fashion and does not include a link or method for opting out of this behaviour for the user, or the bot is posting toots fully independently from one or more sources into the public timeline.
  • Spoilers must be marked with CW/NSFW, violations may result in an immediate ban
  • Shitposting is permitted if it's within the other rules but spam is not. Violations may result in an immediate ban
  • Harassment, Brigading, Doxing or Stalking as defined here will not be tolerated
  • In case of severe violations contact an administrator immediately or send a mail to [email protected]
  • For Content Takedowns or DMCA-like requests, send an email to [email protected]
  • The Federated Timeline may contain non-NSFW but controversial content, federation means we get a lot of traffic and flyby content from other servers. You may flag excessively controversial or any NSFW content in the timeline but keep in mind that other instances may have other rules
  • We may unfederate from instances that produce an undue amount of traffic or content that is not suitable for this instance. In minor cases the instance may only receive a media-block but otherwise continue to federate.

Additional Rules for Clarification

This instance operates under German Law. This means hate speech of any kind is prohibited under all circumstances as per §§130 StGB. Other infractions will be handled as if the German Law applies in spirit which means all content which constitutes a criminal offence or is illegal in Germany is prohibited as well. Ads and Spam is prohibited under all circumstances.

In case of rule violation the administrators and moderators may take immediate action depending on the severity and urgency of the situation. In non-urgent cases you may be asked to stop or otherwise warned or reprimanded. In urgent cases we may lock your account and contact you via email. In especially severe cases we will ban your account without further discussion. If you feel like you have been unfairly treated or banned, contact the administrators, we will try to make a fair case and find a fair solution for everyone if possible

Promoting groups, organisations, parties or ideologies that have been deemed contrary to peaceful democratic order by the German government is strictly forbidden. This includes National Socialism.

Should we find that a users actions are damaging to the instance and it's standing in the fediverse, we reserve the right to suspend access temporarily or permanently.

  • This instance is operated under German Law and Regulations, the EU GDPR and ePrivacy regulations apply to all users
  • No private data is stored beyond what is necessary. You can inspect the exact data processed in the source code of this application
  • Moderators and Administrators may ban users if they violate the rules of this instance, decisions may be repealed by emailing [email protected]
  • There is no legal uptime guarantee but the expected maximum downtime of operation will be less than 20 minutes per month, the expected actual downtime less than 2 minutes per month

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Do not abuse our communication channels.