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Hey friends, got any leads on where in a baby trans gal can create her wardrobe without being judged/gatekept or breaking the bank?

Literally feel the worst rn after a failed Target run

Bit of a long shot here, but other places I've asked are, well...not constructive. Any owners (particularly in warm climates) familiar with ? Got some questions before I install mine...

Crowdsourcing the name of my new car was a mistake

In einem kühlen Grunde, da geht ein Mühlenrad...

Day 0 of is done, but I can't sleep. Day One is just ahead after all!


Programming, mh (-) 

How do you maintain motivation to keep coding when you discover a project doing exactly what you were attempting to do, but more elegantly than you could have done? (in the same language even!)

My work doesn't directly depend on coding, so the desire to just give up on this thing is hitting hard...

Classical music/Broadway eeeeing, caps 



I like fruit as much as anyone, but damn if I manage to get lost in the produce section every time

welcome to mastodon; twitter's new service status page

Using the brass band version of baby shark to stay awake this morning.

Gotta be Wednesday

Normal: Eevee
Fire: Flareon
Water: Vaporeon
Electric: Jolteon
Psychic: Espeon
Dark: Umbreon
Ice: Glaceon
Grass: Leafeon
Fairy: Sylveon
Bug: Luncheon
Dragon: Patreon
Fighting: Bludgeon
Flying: Pigeon
Ghost: Napoleon
Ground: Dungeon
Poison: Nickelodeon
Rock: Takemeon
Steel: Surgeon

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite would be so much more fun if I had more spell energy (Alternatively, that there weren't so many greenhouses and the like)

⠀Boost rn to remind someone
⠀⠀ to be hydrated

Tonight's a night for the kind of introspection one only gets with "The Sound of Silence" on repeat

Day 2 of Shadowbringers Early Access and I'm finally not-sick enough to enjoy it!

mh - ish? 

I wish I had known my dream job rejection would come down today... Would've worked around the refill.

On a related note, why does it always take me a few days to adjust to refills of my antidepressants? Makes not a lick of sense!

Chilling at work refreshing Nest every five minutes to see if my AC is fixed

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