tw-ish? trans existential stuff, brains are weird 

Here I go questioning again! Wheeeeeee

Except this is almost entirely based on externalities - If it were just me on a deserted island or in a new country by myself I would have never been more sure of myself.

I find I ask “is it worth it to go through with this?” rather than “am I trans?” I thought I had the answer, but lately I’m not sure. I don’t want to lose my birth family, or my SO, but I don’t know if they’ll stay either. Now knowing that I am her, I don’t think it’ll be easy to just lock this all away and go back to being him.

And yet, does the fact I’m even questioning this mean I’m, in fact, not Actually Trans :tm: after all?

re: tw-ish? trans existential stuff, brains are weird 

@swiftcrescendo This is exactly the kind of questioning you should be doing...

But it would be better to do it with a trained counselor who can help you understand yourself from a non-biased, non-judgmental perspective.

re: tw-ish? trans existential stuff, brains are weird 

@nomad I do have one, and lately the talks seem to be fueling the fire so to speak. Which, I get it. It’s healthy to be a little skeptical. But as someone who felt she had been secure in it all it’s a bit jarring to say the least

re: tw-ish? trans existential stuff, brains are weird 

@swiftcrescendo I've not had to deal with these issues so keep in mind I'm ignorant and mean no harm, so please forgive any stupid.

From my distinctly outside perspective, the only "can't go back now" moment is surgery, right? Can you *live* as who you feel yourself to be without that, for a while, and see how it fits?

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