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#Introduction, far too many tags, seriously this many tags is crazy 

Hey friends, got any leads on where in a baby trans gal can create her wardrobe without being judged/gatekept or breaking the bank?

Literally feel the worst rn after a failed Target run

Bit of a long shot here, but other places I've asked are, well...not constructive. Any owners (particularly in warm climates) familiar with ? Got some questions before I install mine...

Crowdsourcing the name of my new car was a mistake

In einem kühlen Grunde, da geht ein Mühlenrad...

Day 0 of is done, but I can't sleep. Day One is just ahead after all!


Programming, mh (-) 

Classical music/Broadway eeeeing, caps 

I like fruit as much as anyone, but damn if I manage to get lost in the produce section every time

welcome to mastodon; twitter's new service status page

Using the brass band version of baby shark to stay awake this morning.

Gotta be Wednesday

Normal: Eevee
Fire: Flareon
Water: Vaporeon
Electric: Jolteon
Psychic: Espeon
Dark: Umbreon
Ice: Glaceon
Grass: Leafeon
Fairy: Sylveon
Bug: Luncheon
Dragon: Patreon
Fighting: Bludgeon
Flying: Pigeon
Ghost: Napoleon
Ground: Dungeon
Poison: Nickelodeon
Rock: Takemeon
Steel: Surgeon

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite would be so much more fun if I had more spell energy (Alternatively, that there weren't so many greenhouses and the like)

⠀Boost rn to remind someone
⠀⠀ to be hydrated

Tonight's a night for the kind of introspection one only gets with "The Sound of Silence" on repeat

Day 2 of Shadowbringers Early Access and I'm finally not-sick enough to enjoy it!

mh - ish? 

Chilling at work refreshing Nest every five minutes to see if my AC is fixed

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