virgin "learn a new language for work" vs chad "cool camel logo"

all of my feed is just boosts or posts from one person wtf

you know who you are

learning ocaml, why did i do this to myself during exams

cw: meds, overdose 

day 5 of exams, this close to overdosing on painkillers by accident. my head is in tatters. pain.

while it was probably a bad idea to have my first ever foray into nixos be on a dev board on risc-v, and while i may have had other config issues already on it and on hardware i want to use with it, and even though i have no idea how anything to do with networking actually works, and i also followed contradicting online guides at the same time, and despite typos in config files that silently get ignored instead of erroring,

colds suck, masks made me forget how much i hate this oof

reading abt john stuart mill, why does school make me do this i hate it let me read my deleuze smhhhh

i have 20 followers
big account moment (tm)

my bf is sucking me into minecraft yt and i'm succumbing to stockholm syndrome help

Food $200
Data $150
Rent $800
AWS $1,000,000
Utility $150

someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying

every parser that creates an AST is basically a transpiler to lisp

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almost accidentally wrote a pseudocode to lisp transpiler

nia tier cable management (absolutely perfect, all criticism is hereby banned)

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using a ziptie to hold a fan on my $1000 dev board cause an extra $5 on a smaller fan would be too expensive

wishing mastodon let me embed html into my profile page (i will embed a crypto miner)

i think lithium reprocesors should eat all thenlithium they want

what's a cool piece of software i should put on risc-v, i have a dev board gathering dust

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