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So, evening of roasting officially begun!
0,5 kg arabica from Mexico, 0,5 kg maragogipe from Nicaragua.

But we have many examples for this that can be used without understanding of operation principles(my case for now).

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I'm playing actix-web last few days. Cool tool but hard to understand for me, especially under part of reverse proxy.

Too much politics in the last few days.


Merlot is the best wine ever. That's what I used to think. This wine is much more better!

I lost sense of time, I didn't look at my watch. Guix System configuration process is very passionate..

to pirate or not to pirate when you don't have enough money.

It's a question for the ages.

>Why is Bitwarden not officially supported in a non-Snap, non-AUR version and what mechanisms exist to make it happen?

>>Because electron is a pain in the ass and only a selected few bother to deal with it.

Such a great coffee grain at this price!
Peru HB MCM Grade 1.

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