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Watching Tanaka-kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge.
Laziness is powerful! - This is the only thing that I can say about it :tialaugh:

This coffee gives a layer almost one centimeter thick for this cup.

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Yay, really like this crema!

Coffee - Tanzania, Mwankumbi AA, Mbeya.

Something's going to happen there. Judging from the look of the sky, it is likely to big storm.. We'll have a very happy journey home without umbrella.

Tried to play the pan-flute after a break of one month. Shame on me!
Actually, why so soon, I guess is my question. Why my skills as a flute player degrade too easily and fast? This doesn't happen with other instruments.

I've spent half the day playing mafia, and the rest of the day packing vpsFree-Client for Guix. Well, I hate Ruby. Actually, I like Ruby(it's my main lang for scripting) but not now.

It's really interesting wine. It's Podolia wine, delicious wine for his price. I wasn't ever sure it was really. Just, gosh, Podolia, wine, delicious wine with this climate? First bottle bought me one familiar guy. After all, I just waited when they opened internet-store and it happened recently.

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Well, new present from sister :tiacheeky:
Vivino says that it's 4.2 stars wine. Let's see how you taste!

Yay, working good! Arts! I can see it. Big thanks, @cult!

Convinced one acquaintance to try to use bitwarden_rs instead official server API implementation 🥧

Tried to invite someone to the fedi. Сomplete failure.

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