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God, what happened with Where are manuals for NixOps and Hydra?

Just chilling with Shakespeare.

P.S. I hate you, William! Why would somebody write all this' so pretentious?

It was a little cold, and this city isn't best choice for riding because a cobblestone, but it's still pretty fun.

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What do normal people at twelve o'clock?
What am I doing? YaY! Changing wheels on my rolls before night ride.

I slept more 4 hours without sleeping pills for the first time for half a year? Year? Something like that.

I think, instrumental music, like jazz, blues and classical, etc, need to listen live. Record does not convey a sense of atmosphere and a fullness of sound.

Hmm, after last update, NixOS failed to start systemd-modules-load.service. But for some unfamiliar reason after update BIOS problems was solved.

Hmm, want to get ovn-server on instance with NixOS. But, have one little bit problem.. have no helpful information whatsoever about using ovn on NixOS. Haaaa, crap!

Heh, today was a soft anime day.
Putting two new anime in the kitty: Given and Fruit Basket.
Given about music, and Fruit Basket just amazing title about totem animals and friendship.

Whoa! I received this today. 4 kg, two month's supply of green coffee.
- Mexico, Villa Corzo Lot#14, SHB EP;
- Nicaragua, Datanlí El Diablo, Jinotega, SHG EP;
- Tanzania, Mwankumbi AA, Mbeya;
- Peru, HB MCM Grade 1.

Friday evening, there's nothing to do now. Time to rest at work. It's always like calm before the storm.

You know, in light of recent events, I'm glad I didn't up my own instance. It's not for me.

Ughg.. Ovh's support makes me sad, cry and angry at the same time.

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