And worst of all they're not the only ones doing it.

Wow, it's one more reason why I love our coffee industry. Those are the boxes - within each one have from six to eight packs of coffee from few countries. And It's worth not so much.


This is the first working day of the week and first day after my vacation. It's hard to be here and simple to explain - I already want to home and sleep. I'm having stupid jet lag after I slept during the day and was awake all nights.

Started reading Where They Are Joined. And I've been wondering because I've never thought about Fluttershy and Applejack as a couple.

@DjBRINE1 good choice of OS, but didn't you ever want to try NixOS? :tiasmile:

So, refuses the support of . It's sad and looks like I'm going back to , because I don't want to use two apps.

Last few days everything I've done are read a lot of stories about Fluttershy and listen music. Including during working hours. It's happiness that I haven’t been fired yet.

eill | MAKUAKE
My new 'I listen to it always and everywhere' track.


developers are busy implementing the systemd-coffeemakerd >> best news ever! :tiacheeky:


@Celestia yes, and yeah! I had a really enjoyable time :)

Well, I've finished reading Prim Rose's Redemption, at long last.
Now it's time to few small stories about Fluttershy!


@inex мое там еще с предыдущей версии social app.

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