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Даже в самые тяжкие времена самое главное остаётся актуальным.
#cofe #nginx

A few hours' work and it works. But something wrong with screen resolution. I don't know what happened. Mb something with drivers by waveshare.

I just found out that Antergos Linux is dead from spring. Ughghg, it made me sad. Antergos was a good distro, and it had AUR out of the box. That's where i started my "relationship" with arch/arch-based distros.

Day five of my imprisonment inside flat. Damn flu.

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Копаю я значит код CMS. Не отвечает на действия какой-то модуль. А там…

// It will work never return [];

Ok, I've changed ip address for Orange Pi; changed DHCP setting(dhcp server to client, because DHCP-server was enabled on my Mikrotik); enabled a Wi-Fi access point. We'll just need to install OpenVPN client.

Don't like frost. I've got poor circulation and my skin looks pale in the freezing cold. I look like a dead man, that came back from the grave.

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@vigdis apparently your threat model is OK with exposing a phone number which can be traced back to you
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Interesting that Lisbeth Salander name drops Threema as the secured messenger of choice and not Signal.

Then again why would anyone in Europe trust Signal?

Now I`m using luks+lvm partition, but want to change to luks+btrfs/zfs. But Nix can already optimise the store with nix-store --optimise (or auto-optimise-store in /etc/nix/nix.conf) which deduplicates all files without runtime overhead.


Turned on the Orange Pi Zero with OpenWRT and I crushed all of the home network. The first experiences proved to be "unsatisfactory".

Some friend installed OpenWRT on Mikrotik router. I have only one question - why? Would it really be so much better than RouterOS?

I've got the old keyboard by Venus. But something's wrong with it. Much else other than sticky keys.

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