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So, long story short, logistics could be a big problem for now and in the future. Brasilia doesn't know what to do in this situation. Coffee by Kenya and Ethiopia will cost more than last year(make me cry, I so much love yirgacheffe and AA.Kilimanjaro).

I, for a long time, have really wanted to read something about ponies, because almost what I do know about them that's what I got from series and fan's wiki. Recommend me something please.

Huh, got back to the kitchen just in time. A little bit more and coffee would run away. And not for the first time. :tialaugh:

Can't sleep after cup of coffee and because daylight saving time started.


Well, moved to 20.03.

And by the way, @inexcode which version are you using?

Hm, NixOS tg channel can be useful. Found this nixops-like tool there.

Ok, they haven't lost manuals. But you won't be able find them if you aren't medium.

In the end, all of it here:

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