The sun is beating down but it’s still cold outside anyway. Why isn't it hot outside like in hell?

I got an order for 30 covers. Huhh ..
After all, I think I want to do more interesting stuff but only in a single copy alone.

I bought a coffee from Cuba, yayks! It gives the best thick and saturated drink with smell of tobacco.

Hm, that's interesting thing, and it needs Sway support surely. Perhaps even me could make some small contribution in this.

Picking coffee for next order. Ohhh, it makes me want to get all at once.

So, evening of roasting officially begun!
0,5 kg arabica from Mexico, 0,5 kg maragogipe from Nicaragua.

But we have many examples for this that can be used without understanding of operation principles(my case for now).

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I'm playing actix-web last few days. Cool tool but hard to understand for me, especially under part of reverse proxy.

Too much politics in the last few days.


Merlot is the best wine ever. That's what I used to think. This wine is much more better!

I lost sense of time, I didn't look at my watch. Guix System configuration process is very passionate..

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