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smashed through a bunch of secret doors with my sledgehammer. A statue promised me riches if I smashed it. Released demons. Party member saved everyone by putting a bag of holding into another bag of holding.

We will get them back from the astral plane.

coronavirus might just force me into home office.

not that i needed to be forced to stay at home where I have a cozy and warm blanket to cover myself in

party committed regicide, started goblin revolution.

then 60 minutes discussion on what they should do with a WMD golem mech built by giants to wipe out dragons and smallfolk

seems they are on the side of "put it in an attic until we need it, mutually assured destruction and that"

now they are on the way to meet a potentially allied giant princess.

considering moving to a new server, my current one is expensive and servers with the same specs but better CPU and lower costs are entering the market...

Players intruded into a Fire Giant Forge (previously Dwarves, they still work there, just no longer being paid for it).

Gave a bunch of hobgoblins gold so they'd upstage the hierarchy and work with them.

They offered 50 golds for each of them. Turns out they had trouble with math and had to count the gold they'd get with their fingers. There being only 6 of them they arrived at the conclusion that 50 gold for each means they get 60 gold in total.

Freeman Dyson died at 96. Same guy that thought up Dyson Spheres. Died from complications after falling.

players picked up a giant's spear tip, reforged into a greatsword +1.

one player sold a story to a fey without realising it until after

proceeded to fly to fire giant's forges and landed on a village of slavers, who tried to include the players into their collection. Turned quite violent fast when the players didn't cooperate due to insight and magical artefacts telling them "these guys aren't friendly even though they're being very friendly now"

grilled some kuo-toa, crispy well done, with a wall of fire. Seasoned with heresy.

the mini-campaing concluded with a tad of a story twist. the party returns to the proper story, collecting mcguffins to solve the plot. Halfway through they decide to offload them at the oracle. Oracle is destroyed after a blue dragon gets in. the dragon wasn't even responsible for the destruction.

anyway, the party gets a new task to defeat one of the lords to get a new mcguffin to progress the plot

and they find out waterdeep got invaded by an undead army. And with "invaded" I mean "for a brief time, waterdeep contained no living soul", so very successfully too. party undecided on the issue but they do hear that waterdeep reclamation efforts pay well.

woke up to dead internet link, fucking Deutsche Telekom ruining the day. Booked a day flat to stay online because apparently "ETA unknown" is migrated to Mastodon v3.1.0, enjoy!

currently preparing the docker container for Mastodon 3.1.0, don't worry y'all, didn't forget you!

"I learnt goldfish in my years at the academy" - my druid in disguise to xanathar

started a new mini campaign. players recruited by almost-bankcrupt noble to check out an elven colony in a far away colony

get attacked by fish

the players continued their way through the kobold dungeon, negotiated a ceasefire with them and got tasked by another NPC to retrieve a roudy teenager from the kobold lair. (it was a young gold dragon in their rebelious phase trying to disguise himself as red dragon)

they stumbled into a deeper part of the dungeon that had been infested by a necromancer. A player almost died to a bodak (fun fact: if a bodak downs you with it's gaze and you're in it's aura, you fail a death save each round due to the aura. So if you roll a nat 1, you're instantly dead)

so after that, they finally met the necromancer and instantly stabbed him to death.

turns out that was the part necessary to complete the lich transformation.

luckily the lich wasn't very good at saving against tasha's hideous laughter and failed enough saves that the rest of the party could bash down the remaining health.

also Death with capital D showed up to collect the phylactery.

politics, religion, netflix, possible spoilers for Messiah 

finished watching Messiah on Netflix yesterday and boy is that series a ride.

It can be fairly slow at times but when it's not it can really hit home, even got me emotional at times.

The basic premise is that someone in the middle east turns up, who people think he's jesus. The CIA investigates and concludes he's a terrorist cult leader. "Jesus" proceeds to tell people to come together, to love eachother, unity, peace. The CIA is even more convinced he's a terrorist and the middle east breaks out into war.

the party decides to enter a kobold lair of large size

the party stepped on nails, got slingshotted in the face, blown up, almost drowned by a mimic, imprisoned by kobolds, almost burried under a bunch of rocks, had a rust monster dropped on them and a toilet was detonated with a fireball in their vicinity

they're running out of soap, resources, self-control and pride and we're like 1/3rd into the dungeon

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