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Someone wrote a really fun study about the CPU and Time overhead of Garbage Collectors in the JDK.

The paper finds that a GC can cost you somewhere north of 80% of CPU cycles and Time (ie, 80% more CPU cycles or Time used due to GC) at minimum and concludes that a low overhead GC remains "elusive".

And hence I like Rust, where the GC is a lie and my Types are turbofishing into yesterday.

Day 2664 of Bareos not supporting ZSTD compression

in case you're wondering why there was downtime; one of the host VM's decided to implode

Redoing the setup to be simpler is definitely on my todo list. Mayhaps with NixOS?

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will be upgrading, I don't expect any downtime

@[email protected] We want Ukraine to win this war. But we also want to set the conditions for Ukraine's success in the aftermath of the war.

The first step is immediate relief. In the second phase, there is a wider reconstruction effort.



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Just finished loading up the tape library for work. 24 Tapes, each 18TB, about 20TB after compression. Makes about 480 TB of storage in there. About the size of 8 Pizza Cartoons. Next Step: Calibrating/Media Init of the tapes, which takes two hours per tape. That's gonna run over the weekend. And monday I can run the script that makes them all automagically encrypted.

All in all, not much work for half a petabyte of backups.

We briefly suspected Solaris but dismissed that on part of nobody wanting to debug Solaris.

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Workplace IT: *crashes and burns*

Me: *clocks out for a coffee break*

MyPaint is a Free and Open Source art software that focuses on distraction-free digital painting, with lots of keyboard shortcuts and a minimalist expanding canvas. It's great for sketching, but I've also seen some truly beautiful professional works done with it!

It's available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X :D

Check it out, and please share your #MyPaintArt creations!


I'm writing docs for a two-tiered cache library at work and I named the two tiers "top cache" and "bottom cache", because that's how it should be.

CPU Caches obviously should be named the "Top Cache" (L1), "Bottom Cache" (L2) and "Power Bottom Cache" (L3)

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