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Workplace IT: *crashes and burns*

Me: *clocks out for a coffee break*

MyPaint is a Free and Open Source art software that focuses on distraction-free digital painting, with lots of keyboard shortcuts and a minimalist expanding canvas. It's great for sketching, but I've also seen some truly beautiful professional works done with it!

It's available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X :D

Check it out, and please share your #MyPaintArt creations!


I'm writing docs for a two-tiered cache library at work and I named the two tiers "top cache" and "bottom cache", because that's how it should be.

CPU Caches obviously should be named the "Top Cache" (L1), "Bottom Cache" (L2) and "Power Bottom Cache" (L3)

Vielen Dank für die zahlreichen Antworten auf unseren Aufruf! Wir haben daraus einen kleinen Artikel zum schnellen Einstieg ins Fediverse gebastelt.

Don't you love it when you do the first 90% of the problem in planning only to find out there's another 90% of the problem left in finding out what the problem actually is and yet another 90% implementing it

apparently my memoir about freenode is relevant to the rasenganification of twitter lol got an upgrade to v3.5.0 of Mastodon 🎉

Part of being a Solaris sysadmin is learning to hate the fact that none of the tools and knowledge you have, work. I've had so many really fun problems with Solaris.

isn't it great when you open your mailing box and it's all spammers wanting to squat on your corner of the internet? is back and everything seems to be fine after maintenance will be going down for maintenance on Sunday between 16:00 UTC and 18:00 UTC. Should come back up without issue!

I keep forgetting I have a mastadon, so I never reply to anyone's comments, so you never get to hear my opinion about what you said.

The good news is that you never have to hear my opinion about what you said.

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