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in regards to the derpibooru drama

byteslice/byte[] has quit over this and doesn't support nazis on derpibooru. Do not harass them in any way.

on the other hand I could expand the "brand" (it's not a brand but whatever).

I've been planning to start a Lemmy instance (federated reddit), I'm not sure if PixelFed is the right software to host an image board (PF is more about photos), so probably best to look for something else or write something / patch philomena.

I'm going to make a decision on this on the weekend, Lemmy is most likely to be starting. I'm thinking as "", if someone has a different idea I am welcome to it.

Obviously any derpi-type host will be under "" (unless someone has a better idea)

derpibooru, politics 

So is there already a new instance based on the derpibooru that is more welcoming and inclusive now that derpibooru administration has caved to fascism?

if not i'd be happy to provide hosting CPU power and network to some extend

derpibooru, politics 

derpibooru rolled back their recent rule changes. from what I understand, the moderation and administration has suffered a hostile takeover and is run by people who don't care.

looks like we need a federated alternative to derpibooru.

Post a DNP on derpibooru if you care about them, they shouldn't just roll back positive rule changes to kick out bad people.

Here, I've partially shaped the blade, rounded it off and carved the hidden edges facing the crossguards, which in the process broke the crossguards off, before I reattached them and made the second set of crossguards for the other side.

moving some of the remaining tooling of the server, nothing related to but it's get close to lights out on the old host

some unplanned downtime today on due to a database crash

some unplanned downtime today on due to a database crash

next week I have vacation. I'll focus on a few things:

* finish migrating the old server, I paid for 2 months worth of running both and I don't wanna, that includes nextcloud which I'll move to backblaze as storage backend (still debating if I should just start NC fresh since atm it's a bit of a fucky setup)

* finish several plotlines for the campaign. Atm I'm running a light-preperation sidequest phase and next week, I'll go back with the party to dungeon diving, which requires more prep (custom dungeon)

* cleanup my flat, a lot of stuff has accumulated that needs to go (especially packaging material)

* migrate my campaign for , it's a great tool and compared to roll20, I own my setup and it has modding support out of the box, which provides lots of useful quality-of-life things to me and the players.

looks like we're getting E2EE for mastodon. Could be fun if it's useable as a proper E2EE app with good UX compared to Matrix

I reconfigured nginx and properly migrated to the new host, including pointing the DNS records at the new host, the old web/streaming still runs on the old host but it's going well.

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Sidekiq had it's database purged. About 2 million retries had accumulated, some months old, due to the issues with elasticsearch. It's clean now and missing toots will be fetched on demand (new toots are appearing as far as I can tell)

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I will do some maintenance work on today, so don't worry if the site is offline for a few hours

elasticsearch is back up after doing the things ES likes to do, so new statuses should start appearing again

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side note: was only able to migrate some services over, the main mastodon part is still running on the old host

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today will move to the new host entirely, be prepared for brief downtimes

looks like uploads work now, if there is any issues pls report them. is also behind cloudflare now as the S3 backend benefits a lot from aggressive caching (and it helps with other issues I've had around).

next step is migrating the server to the new host.

btw: the media storage took 240GB for! almost 10% of my storage availability on the old host and 50% on the new one.

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I'm moving to use S3 as a storage backend, while I synced most of the data over the last week, there is some small remainder, so recently uploaded images might not work. I'm also investigating some issues with uploading images, so hold tight while I do that (3.1.3 might have a fix anyway, so I'll be rebasing on that)

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