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played some Microscope yesterday (it's a Worldbuilding game).

Had some players from my friday campaign over and we built the history of an island the players are heading for. I had my doubts since there were some restrictions, as things had already been mentioned about the island already.

On the other hand, we got about 150-200 years of very rich history and events that I could've never come up with on my own.

10/10 RPG, if you want some loose fun with friends, I can recommend it.

So... It's my birthday! I'm 20 years old now. That feels... amusing.

me: "technically I can make my sniperrifle wristmounted by buying the attachment. doesn't say I can't"

DM: "oh god he's right"

The inscriptions were an image and some letters. The image was a round circle with a band going along it's equator. The inscription read "U S O S K O M O D O K ? R ? S ? ? 1"

The bard attempted to fireball the place after no more clues where found.

A click echoes through the chamber and before the spell goes off, an antimagic field covers the area, preventing any further magic to be cast.

They note three things; the red liquid functioned as before, so it was not magical.

The chamber didn't begin to heat up, the cold was not magical, nor was any of the lights and other humming and machinery in the room.

The golem the artificer had repurposed after finding it in some ancient relic place, also continued to function. As did the two other automatons upstairs. They were also not magical.

The artificer is probably now scared of their own golem.

That's why you don't steal ancient golems from random places, you never know what they are made of.

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Resuming from where the party last left off, we made a short interlude to test moving to FoundryVTT since I felt it was a bit better (sadly we had some technical problems, I've filed some issues but until then it's Roll20 for now, I'll try again in the future).

Anyways, the party had some relaxing downtime, spent some resources to research curses and history before they were contacted by a quirky war cleric named Serena. Serena only speaks in third person. Serena informed the party that a nearby dungeon Serena was supposed to clear out was above Serena's paygrade, so Serena offered to join their very young mercenary guild in exchange for helping her out.

Most of that was pretty standard dungeon crawl for about 2 hours in which nothing of note happend (except a Monodrone lurking in the entrance of the dungeon).

Until the end, where they encountered two automatons similar to the one the artificer repurposed after an encounter months ago. One had a series of complex finger tools and it tried to merge with one of the party members (they are based of iron golems, with a lot less HP and can enter a creature to take it over, which preserves them but also leaves them conscious and unable to move on their own will). The other was repairing walls nearby, keeping them in a good state.

Going further in, only a single narrow stairways lead deep down, the air getting rapidly colder until they entered a large, ice-cold chamber, frost covering the ground.

A huge demonic creature was laying in the middle, blood flowing into four coffins surrounding it, one of the coffins had been opened an footsteps lead to the entrance of the chamber.

The party quickly managed to realize that most of the scenery was designed to look scary, no demons, just scary metal and stone. The red blood was a liquid that had the ability to freeze a creature for some time if they are exposed to it (it also remains liquid at below zero).

Furthermore, they found strange inscriptions in the opened coffin. >continued

re: internet drama, drew devault 

@cult @finn

not to mention that we still have an operational issue: the e-mail clients built into iOS and Android send only text/html messages, this results in our list server sending you a passive-aggressive scolding message that advises you should read

at any rate, we are working diligently to find a solution that works for everyone, in an open and transparent manner, over the past six months. this process is something he describes as a "power grab."

it is unfortunate that we have broken our friendship over this, but the Alpine community deserves mailing lists that do not deride them for posting while using their mobile devices, and my interests are in ensuring the Alpine community gets the resources it deserves.

since switching to the Sourcehut software, our mailing list traffic has dropped significantly, because a lot of the replies made previously were on mobile devices which no longer can post to the lists without using third-party clients. it turns out many people are unwilling to switch to a third-party client with a worse user experience (such as K-9 Mail) just to post to Alpine mailing lists.

internet drama, drew devault 

Reading the latest drama caused by DeVault on the alpine mailing list;

he truly is the Fefe of the english speaking internet community. Except with an even more self-inflated ego and backdated idealisms.

since Bavaria now has mandatory face mask rules in effect starting next week, I forced myself to order a mask, despite not wanting to so medical personell needing it more. Probably still better since I've developed a fairly bad cough over the last days (and thanks to the rules in my area, without confirmed contact, it's hard to get a test at all)

ordered a new serverbox, it's a preorder due to lack of parts but once it's available I will be moving over all my stuff to it, should be easy (hopefully).

This should fix a few standing problems I cannot fix atm and give me some breathing room. Since it's NVMe based, should also improve performance a lot (and it's a lot cheaper, about half the price of the current server).

The party went back to phandalin, most of them still giant sized to be able to carry the insane amount of gold and treasure.

Notable treasure includes a manual of bodily health (increase CON by +2, increase your maximum CON by +2), a wand of magic missile, an amulet of health, a rod of ressurection and a sphere of annihilation.

Their new manor in phandalin is well under progress with their captured Hobgoblin directing some of the dwarves to prevent the worst (the dwarves wanted to build it entirely out of marble stone, they like rocks not pretty things).

The curse set upon the artificer will slowly make her body rot with time, turning her slowly insane and causing permanent injuries if it progresses too far. She's now immortal in the worst way; she takes damage, doesn't heal as well and she'll feel every second of it until she finds a way out. She's conspiring with the rogue (this was public RP so everyone knows OOC) to become an Archlich (a good aligned lich that doesn't need to consume souls but is harder to do)

The paladin obtained a red spell scroll labelled in infernal, she's been unable to find any information on them other than "knowledge of this has been forbidden by divine decree", but the giant king gave her two directions where the knowledge may be found (a mad god or a legend of a library). She's going to meet with the town priest and perform religious duties and maybe read up a bit on history.

The fighter has not specified a downtime activity yet, but I imagine he'll be getting a warm bath and not leave it for two tendays.

The rogue and bard will probably alternate between conspiring with the artificer and engaging in romantic interactions, though neither has specified anything specific for downtime either.

I'm very thankful for my players, getting through this campaign and being able to finish it. It's been a long 6 month journey through this and I love all of them.

Onwards to more adventure!

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The Party arrived in the place where the BBEG of the module was located. They consumed potions that grew them to giant size (STR=25, Dmg from Melee * 3, Giant sized) to be ready to fight the BBEG Dragon. They were Level 9 and the Dragon was CR23 so they needed it.

Anyway, after dispatching the large horde of gargoyles at the front door (some of them fled after witnessing the artificer firing howitzer sized bullets and the fighter basically killing them in a single attack), they called out to the BBEG, challenging her to fight.

She tried to parley initially, but then dropped a frightful presence (DC20 Wis Save) which frightened everyone but the Paladin (who was Level 9, so 1 Level off from protecting others from getting frightened). So this turned into a 1v1 between the paladin and the dragon. She climbed onto the dragon to avoid the breath attacks and worst of the brunt, so the dragon went for everything else not affected by the frightened conditions (some constructs and a few rounds in, the artificer).

Our bard then had an idea. We use inspiration cards with special effects and one said "the party immediately receives the effects of short rest". She argued that frightened would not last through a short rest. I took the inspiration card and granted her a new one for the idea and the party was no longer frightened.

The party then converged on the dragon, who's only notable actions where teleporting to give the bard a whipping with legendaries (miraculously she lived) and counterspelling a healing spell on the fighter.

The fighter finished off the dragon and hacked of it's head as a trophy. After quick discussion they decended into the lair where they found mighty treasure (and a mommy lord with a cursed item that the artificer got cursed by within 30 seconds because she likes touching things).

They returned to the Giant King's throne, collected some rewards and of course a promise that the giants would come to their aid if they were in need of it.

I think there might be a problem federating with and, gonna look into it, possibly related to using Tor as Internet Relay from the server...

Party member found a helmet of absolute invincibility. Proceeded to walk through the rest of that particular dungeon behaving like wreckless idiots.

Got my druid character downed by a particularly nasty glyph of warding, so I sat on a healing spirit for a minute.

Party ventured to the place where it all started; Phandalin. The place had a few upgrades since the dwarves now bring in a metric buttload of money every month.

The players buy a decrepit mansion and contract the very same dwarves to rebuild it, then go into the basement to clear it out.

Turns out the nothic they forgot down there when they were there a few months ago had been feeding on people who ventured down there (and mysteriously the townmaster didn't mention this). It got big.

The nothic, instead of fighting the party, gaslit them with pieces from their backstory. Lured them into a wraith that proceeded to take the fighter down a few notches (aka Max HP damage). Then it tried to eat the fighter.

Think of it looking a bit like the black blob ghost from Spirited Away.

The fighter almost died and everyone was a bit beaten after that.

After encountering a hobgoblin that swore vengeance on them after they humiliated him multiple times, they are now well on track on brainwashing him to join their planned mercenary guild.

found out that my characters husband was the chief engineer of our quest giver's ship and he's missing. I think anyone might be declared missing after being vented out an airlock but that's just me.

smashed through a bunch of secret doors with my sledgehammer. A statue promised me riches if I smashed it. Released demons. Party member saved everyone by putting a bag of holding into another bag of holding.

We will get them back from the astral plane.

coronavirus might just force me into home office.

not that i needed to be forced to stay at home where I have a cozy and warm blanket to cover myself in

party committed regicide, started goblin revolution.

then 60 minutes discussion on what they should do with a WMD golem mech built by giants to wipe out dragons and smallfolk

seems they are on the side of "put it in an attic until we need it, mutually assured destruction and that"

now they are on the way to meet a potentially allied giant princess.

considering moving to a new server, my current one is expensive and servers with the same specs but better CPU and lower costs are entering the market...

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