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the party finds the ancient artifact they are supposed to retrieve for the questgiver

the adventure mentions that if anyone would hit the artifact as hard as they can, some monsters jump out

I think, "yeah, nobody is gonna do that, that sounds dumb"

fighter: "I punch the artifact as hard as I can"

proceed to the party fighting a terminator golem (a golem wearing a human) and the fighter almost dying in one hit BECAUSE IT'S A FRICKING GOLEM AND THEY'RE LEVEL 6

GPG still supports SHA1, which got another attack today (, 45k$ in AWS costs), yet the dev team doesn't seem to be able to get their butts into gear and deprecate old things.

I recommend switching to alternative tools; signify/minisign for signatures, age ( for encryption, and just don't use email or signed git commits, just sign a tarball or tags.

Linux will remove blocking from /dev/random (after initial block on boot), GPG is being called out for being shit

doctor who spoilers 

doctor who spoilers 

rt of

Here is my tribute to all the great cartoons we've gotten this decade.

Whether they made us laugh, pumped us up, or broke our hearts, it's an era of animation that we'll never forget, and it will go down in history as one of the best...
Thank you all for coming along with me

I'm recovering data from a dead µSD card using my arduino

removed the voltage regulator so I could have it all run on 3.3V and using the SPI interface which I learned SD cards implement for some weird reason

once I'm done and perfected my tools I might release that, it's interesting stuff and could help other people, but I'll wait until I get a proper breakout board and don't have to rely on the power supply being stable enough

returned from vacation with fam, was quite awesome

my feet hurt though, walked them bloody

the amazing thing about the new star wars movie is that... 

the witcher on netflix is proof that good and well written video-game TV shows or movies can exist.

it's just sad I won't be able to experience all of the 400 side quests on screen

last dnd session:

the party goes on a quest to defeat the giants as the chosen ones!

they find out the guy who told them they are the chosen ones has been talking out of his ass because he's desperate

also a red dragon named klauth hands out christmas presents

@cult a familiar problem.
and tnx, capasitor god! ))

2/x: why capacitors are dangerous:

a battery has a current limit, largely dictated by the chemistry. If it gives more current either the voltage drops or the battery sets itself on fire

a cap has no such limit. if a cap is shorted, the only limit to current is the resistance in the wire. If it stores 10V and the wire has 1mOh, the current will be 10kA. Nothing will stop that current from flowing. The wire will carry that energy until it evaporates. And in less than a few milliseconds, the energy has been dissipated and it's over. 10V at 10kA means in that time your cap is outputting 100 kilowatts of energy. Of course, the stored energy is only a few joules but for watts what matters is the time it takes to run through that.

also this fried my outdoor sensor. gonna have to build a new one.

me: *shorts supercap array*

wires: *vaporize*
solder points: *become liquid*
wire cutter: *welds shut*

and this, children, is why you always respect capacitors. never forget to make an offering to the capacitor god before lunch or else you'll have your day ruined as well

they also bought a laser pointer to use on the tabaxi player

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last dnd session:

*give players an empty letter*

players: *spend one hour trying to read it*

also last dnd session:

trinket shop: *exists*

players: *spent two hours teleshopping*

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