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they also bought a laser pointer to use on the tabaxi player

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last dnd session:

*give players an empty letter*

players: *spend one hour trying to read it*

also last dnd session:

trinket shop: *exists*

players: *spent two hours teleshopping*

last dnd session:

player: "old man, you can't possibly stealth this well!"

me, playing a 72y human with -1 in dex: *rolls nat20*

rt from @x86instructions

Buy The Intel CPU Advent Calendar And Open A Fun New Vulnerability Every Day Of The Year

last dnd session:

"you wake up covered in spiders"

*internal screaming*

The plot twist is that I am playing an arachnophobic drow.

The session will forever remain burned into my memory as the perfect opportunity to say "this is literally the worst possible thing that could have happened"

correction of my last toot: 0.5mV/s not 0.5V/s, the difference between a lab supply and a dinky solar panel from ebay

I finished my solar powered energy harvester, gonna let the supercaps charge up in the sunlight for a bit before I connect the main show, but looking good (about 0.5V/s charge rate with 20F capacity up to 4.2V)

"Wait that's a war crime, you can't do that!"

"You're one to talk, you did more of them"

this week on Doctor Stone: stone-philia and saturn

the better moment is that they're being arrested for warcrimes unrelated to the warcrimes they actually committed

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the best DM moments are when you have the entire party arrested for war crimes. feels good

got some of those steel spikes to prevent pidgeons from landing on the balcony

the little pests have been leaving their waste all over it and I'm sick of it.

my weather sensor DID IT AGAIN

somehow it manages to connect to wifi and report a single data point every other week on a totally dead battery.

have i invented the perpetum mobile?

my players always run through the content too fast

there is something worrying about the headline "DOOM co-creator to develop human like AI from home".

I welcome our new demon overlords.

my outside temperature sensor just reported a single datapoint on temperature, humidity and air pressure

the twist: it's been with a flat dead battery for a week!

Today in the life of cultpony: bought tape, it's good tape, will use it for returning a defective product to online shops.

that's all folks!

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