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today's been **WAY** to hot, it was difficult to concentrate. public transport also kinda exploded into chaos but that's basically modus operandi for Deutsche Bahn.

Finally the fix for the stack alignment in interrupts landed in rust nightly. I can finally continue to procrastinate on my OS project!

My slicer set the feedrate of my 3D printer to 60 times the speed of light.

The printer was not amused and needed a moment for each retract...

felt cute, might delete internet later, dunno

controversial politics 

in the newest release, GPG deactivates trusting signatures from SKS servers.

The Web of Trust is (finally) dead.

What if your favorite torrent tracker for linux ISO's used dat and was fully distributed?

it's amazing how people on orange site jump to defending GPG and it's crypto, even going as far as trying to pile up on crypto experts.

obviously gpg is perfect and no tool can ever replace that ugly abomination.

Thanks to whoever sent a report from on this account, stuff like that keeps the fediverse a good place.

Sometimes I wonder what the people who code spambots gain from it. Like, some of it is like... it's not even trolling or spam that gets you money... it's just dumb.

At least my automated spam detector is getting pretty damn good at this point. The secret sauce to!

good morning y'all, hoping you're having a lovely day!

would be a shame if someone setup a tor-based peertube instance for people looking for alternatives, right?

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