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it rained a lot yesterday, finally it's nice and cool outside

"Please enter your postal code for 2 factor authentication"

Okay, where do I wipe all my data from your servers, thank you...

I built myself a small crawler for flat hunting, the mails from the search portals are absolute garbage...

Drohnen: #Datenschutz mit dem Luftgewehr

"Wer zum Zwecke der Selbsthilfe eine Sache wegnimmt, zerstört oder beschädigt […], handelt nicht widerrechtlich, wenn obrigkeitliche Hilfe nicht rechtzeitig zu erlangen ist und ohne sofortiges Eingreifen die Gefahr besteht, dass die Verwirklichung des Anspruchs vereitelt oder wesentlich erschwert werde."

hottest day of the week. german weather service says +40C, local weather service says +36C.

Is there some easy API for the mastodon administration? the REST docs only talk about the user level blocks.

I would love to write an ansible module so I could version and manage my domain-blocks externally (and coordinate with others)

trump, iran, mental state, politics 

Gab? Is that the thing that I blackholed in my firewall?

I set a new hero image for, I really like that scenery! <3

if you need more proof that humanity is doomed, the V programming language proves it.

Atleast the esolang wiki can get a new entry

Because Mastodon does not have a Copyright License Agreement (CLA) that contributors have to sign before submitting code, I am not the sole copyright holder of the Mastodon source code--rather, contributors keep rights to their parts. As such, violation of AGPLv3 is not just a violation of my own rights, but of all past contributors to Mastodon.

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