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today is wednesday

meaning only 1 full day until friday

for me, working on fediverse tech is something i see as an investment in making a better world for our future generations.

while it is impossible for me to physically have kids (that's a long story, for another day), i do try to approach designing these sort of features from the perspective of "how would this impact my kid's ability to use this network?"

writing off safety tools as "enabling safe space snowflakes" is an extremely ignorant position to have. nobody owes you a "debate" or anything else. all users must instead be empowered to engage the fediverse on their own terms.

In case anyone missed it:

Flash went EOL today. The Windows installer won't be available anymore and there won't be any updates or support.

Microsoft changed the default: You can now remove USB sticks without clicking "Remove safely"

All 7 users doing precisely that are very excited!

Also probably going to shutdown my matrix homeserver.

I'll keep the data in case I'll try it out again in like a year but atm Matrix is possibly the worst client one might consider if you're looking for something privacy-conscious or functional.

Lots of essential functionality is missing and 0 thought spent on how to protect privacy of users or make the UI approachable and accessible.

bam, last full workday before weekend.

Having lots of ideas for personal projects! Gonna have to spend the next 12 hours looking for citations for my thesis instead...

didn't know about newpipe until recently, pretty nice

Ich arbeite im "Technologiepark" Paderborn. Mein Handy zeigt "E" ...

#neuland #vorreiterIT

In accordance to EU policy, I have installed an upload filter on that automatically removes all content that isn't sufficiently high in ponies!

Google+ is going offline tomorrow. Estimated 92% will be saved by the shutdown.

If you have a residential internet connection, considering running their Warrior instance (there is a docker container too!) to donate some bandwidth and CPU! They have other projects you can help out with too like the URLTeam (link shorteneres) or WikiTeam (saving various wikias and stuff).

obtained division 2.

now to see if the heavy mg tree is still OP as frick.

weekend, I'm building a script engine for my booru

I also want to build a query language, the hardest part will be making indexes, because I don't want to rely on anything but sqlite, so I'll probably have to build a custom way to handle that, probably some extra table to key-value the index data into for a quick join...

welcome to the weekend. don't mind the short part of work on friday, it's just an illusion

AMP for E-Mail is a monstrosity that should never be allowed; I will spambox every single AMP mail I get. Send me plaintext or HTML, not google abandonware.

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