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Good morning fediverse!

May your weekend be productive!

*waves soldering iron at fly* DIE YOU ANNOYING INSECT!

Don't do this at home kids.

my NAS needs more memory, the backup program keeps corrupting because the linux kernel keeps running the OOM handler. 8GB isn't enough to run 15 docker apps these days, so dissapointing.

final season of mlp is coming in april.

so much good time I've had with everything in the fandom <3

I'm now the proud owner of the domain.

I have some plans how to use it commercially as well as privately though I still have to work out the details.

my old phone is finally dead I guess.

no amount of hot air gun is fixing it.

Atleast the silicon case for my backup phone arrived, thank god I had the foresight to buy a backup when the active started failing...

i used my 3d printer as suis-vide machine to make a steak. 10/10 would recommend.

to attach to the previous post; if you feel like some instance on the federated feed does not belong here, please feel free to email or PM me, I will keep it confidential and investigate.

I will prefer silencing an instance (and rejecting media) over suspending it unless the content is really not acceptable, so you shouldn't loose any precious follows. *I'm responsible for the federated timeline, not your home timeline.*

I've updated my instance to v2.7.3 (even before @Mastodon announced it!)

I also took the time and silenced a few instances that have been poluting our feed with spam/hatespeech and suspended two instances posting illegal content.

Hopefully you'll feel safer on this instance now! :sleeptwi:

Switched from my own analytics tool to fathom on my website, gonna see if anyone actually uses it...

welcome to end of monday, it's almost over!

Researchers find out that ads and tracking cause most of the loading delays.

Nothing we didn't know yet was learned.

Dragon prince is good but lacking frames...

This track is a, to quote Gigguk, "real banger"!

Been listening nonstop for hours...

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