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The scariest place for any parcel to be is over the atlantic blackout zone. 11 hours without the parcel service informing me of every millimeter of movement!

How much work you did do vs how much work you pretend you did do.

Who else knows that mood?

New server case shipped.

I can finally upgrade from "harddrives hotglued in ikea drawer" to "rack in ikea racklack"

Thank IKEA for good homelab options

I think the APT HTTP disaster was the warning shot for computer security in 2019;

7zip was found to be using the good old `seed(current_time)` in the generator for their IV (which is usually fed from /dev/random not a shitty deterministic RNG)

Just in case you're still in favor for HTTP for APT;

Anyone in your network can run code as root because Apt doesn't properly sanitize HTTP headers.

With HTTPS this attack would be limited to mirror operators.

Defense in depth means if bugs like this occur, there should be another layer of security that prevents the worst and provides not all but some security guarantees.

I've found out why my docker instance on my NAS was dying on a daily basis;

My backup was killing docker to make a backup of all the appdata stuff.

I feel enlightened.

I wanted to be productive today but instead I watched Netflix.

Don't send help, the chair is too comfy.

okay, seems like some of the servers on my host didn't get back up quite as I wanted; the host reconfigured their networking wrong so I'll have to fiddle through and see which ones stopped working...

And I'm back online with all the newest and freshest updates!

I'll be installing 2.7.0 later today (around 1800 UTC), I'll also use that to restart the host and apply some security updates. If all goes well, we'll be up again within an hour

Pretty great video about fact checking by CrashCourse, I'd recommend to check it out

Thanks to Netflix, I can skip right over all the boring action scenes and flashbacks.

On the other hand, I should stop reading tvtropes/allthetropes since it makes these scenes so boring in the first place

I'm setting up the ability to unlock LUKS on this server host.

When it's all done, I'll add a third harddrive for added reliability (I'm debating RAID5 or RAID6 or RAID1x3) and format it with LUKS.

Then I'll hopefully be able to reboot the server, log into a dropbear SSH server and unlock it securely without having to store the unlock key on the server itself.

If that works I'll (hopefully) migrate the drives one at a time to LUKS and have a FDE Server Box! Protecting all yours data!

DC Titans is a pretty decent TV show, can recommend.

Btrfs is corrupting my files again.

Time to go back to ext4.

Remember kids; don't buy domains from some reseller, buy it from proper registrars.

Resellers just screw you over.

Thanks to my continued efforts for the scientific community, I have discovered today that solder flux is not a good replacement for vape liquids.

Where is my Nobel Prize?

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