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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Politics 

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Politics 

there is that wonderful moment when you've been debugging a very difficult bug and you open a code-file I thought was unrelated, then you go "oh shit I know why this isn't working".

I think AI Training is over; it's getting stuck and doesn't learn anything new.

Sadly the script I stole doesn't allow using new training data or I might be able to continue.

Maybe I can modify it over christmas break.

Today's Tumblr casualties: 23 blogs offline, 12 of which SFW.

If you're a SFW Pony artists or know one, you're always welcome on! We only delete the hopes and dreams of the admin.

I'd like to thank the archive team for everything they do. You guys need more medals than we even have <3

18 Tumblr Blogs got removed overnight.


Sometimes you see a piece of art and think "either that's really bad and whoever made this should feel bad or some ML algorithm vomited this up".

In my current case it's been almost 10 hours of the later.

The LSTM network I've been training has gotten good enough that it's sentences contain mostly actual words and have acceptable grammar but damn is the content just utter garbage. It reads like someone scrambled the dictionary at times.


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tumblrpocalypse, motioncap-text meme 

my tumblr backup efforts are completed: 866'000 posts.

I'll do daily reruns until the 17th, then I'll sort all the data for my own safety.

If someone had problems accessing the server the last days: It's fixed.

I made a mistake configuring HAProxy and made the referrer policy way to paranoid.

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