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A neat video, these people are restoring a Apollo Guidance Computer into working condition.


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After hours of uncertainty, frustration and "holy fuck why is all this shit on my desk?" I have finally gotten the ATtiny on my PCB to respond.

It required an oscilloscope to approximate the SPI clock settings so that avrdude could reset the clock to 8MHz and make it work.

Now only thing not working is the optocoupler, which either has too high resistor to work or is burnt out...

good morning fediverse.

There is now {1} full day remaining of your weekend.

I've setup my own AUR repo server so I can download precompiled packages.

Because tbh compiling the linux kernel takes like 5 hours on my laptop and I cba to do it once a month.

And for precisely these reason I now maintain about 800 lines of Bash script that parse, build and publish AUR packages.

> Black Friday blowout
> 5% off

Woah now don't want to push it there

"A computer hardware company plans to sell computer hardware. Hackernews bemoans the duration they'll have to wait to buy the computer hardware, which has become more attractive since Intel handed control of their fabrication plants to Benny Hill."

Just in time for christmas, we get a new browser vulnerability that completely fucks everyone!

What does it do? It enables a website to track what other sites you're surfing on other tabs in your browser.

Could you use Tor browser to prevent this? Nop. Tor Browser is vulnerable. Neither network or side-channel defenses like for Spectre defend against this.

10/10 this is how I wanted it to end.

Good morning, bleh. It's always too early to get up tbh.

The greatest feeling is when you get ratelimited by a website because you've been crawling all of their pages and I WON'T STOP NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! *evil laugh*

I put out most of the orders I need for christmas (fingers crossed they arrive on time). Only my dad still needs some. Probably a mug with some really bad dad joke on it. Or something like that.

Newest Doctor Who episode made me feel quite nostalgic.

It reminds so much of the Silence in the Library. Though the wrap up of the plot felt rather rushed and the motivation of the villain came out of nowhere.

Gonna rewatch Silence in the Library now...

Github should accept .patch files for uploading, would make small pull requests less overhead heavy...

Gonna hotpatch my borked PCB with a fixed voltage regulator... luckily the board allows that type of wiring without having to cut anything...

Reminder: When you start your job as intern and you get handed your companies golden credit card, you're probably going to maintain their ancient projects that nobody else wants to do.

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