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my tumblr backup efforts are completed: 866'000 posts.

I'll do daily reruns until the 17th, then I'll sort all the data for my own safety.

If someone had problems accessing the server the last days: It's fixed.

I made a mistake configuring HAProxy and made the referrer policy way to paranoid.

@DjBRINE1 I apologize for that, I'm atm on a tight timeplan IRL so I rushed this. Sorry for that :(

I'll try to avoid that in the future.

Server rebooted, it probably solved some other networking issues I had too, plus a lot of needed updates installed 👍

I'm going to reboot this instance for a moment, there is important updates that need to be applied and maybe it fixes some potential networking problems...

*clicks button labelled "Stop"*

"The Program has stopped functioning, we're looking for a solution"

Okay, like, I did what I wanted?

Idea of the day:

Create a Neural thingy and feed it all of Fimfiction, then have it produce a 400k words story and post it on Fimfiction.

After someone pulled 40GB in a few minutes from my server overnight I put in a request limiter on HAProxy.

The exact limits will not be specified but I've sized them so the server should be able to reject people running non-limited crawlers or similar.

I ordered 350F supercaps.

*mad scientist laughter*

Imagine if MS switches Edge to Chromium and then EEE's Google out of the Web.

My tumblr backup now contains 293'086 posts (I've made a tool to count) for over 551 blogs.

It contains 308121 images (518148 total). Some blogs still don't have a full count so that number will go up.

About 130GB of data or so.

I expect I'll be done by the 17th.

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