someone should rewrite sqlite in rust just to see what happens. and maybe multi-writer falls out as a result!

>new infomercial
[video of man collapsing to the floor]
[watch the fall]
[ominous music]
[pill bottle falls from his hands, scatters pills across the floor]
[zoom in on pill bottle]
[zoom in on label]
["functional programming"]
[pills are shaped like lambdas]
don't do [functional programming]
[functional programming] can['t] have side effects.
[DARE logo]
[commercial has the opposite of its intended effect]
[functional programming epidemic]

Looks like clippy will officially be the emoji for paperclips in Office 365. Will use clippy excessively for a month or so once we have that at work in every email.

I apologize for the extended downtime of, had some issues on my server. Should be all fixed now though!

@DJ_Bron3 yeah sadly such a project would be rather complex. Though there is alternative apps and websites you can use with (I like Twidere myself for my android phone)

Pushed Mastodon 3.4.1 to after I managed to clear out the CI system. In the future this should be done much faster.

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happy pride month from! (sorry I didn't get to it yesterday)


On the upside of the outage, I have migrated to 3.4.0 of mastodon πŸ‘

sadly, had a bigger outage today.

During my work hours, the docker registry went AWOL along with it's worker node, which lead to a bunch of services having to restart (and in mastodon's case, had to be evicted for more crucial system services to ensure availability).

Once that cleared, k8s attempted to recover but on the new node, where all the new services got to start, no docker images were cached so things kinda collapsed from there on out.

Lesson learned: docker registry does not belong inside k8s cluster.

I've set more strict resource limits, which should eliminate further node crashing and I will have to investigate options for the registry.

@GMBunnyBismuth This isn't the biggest server around, you'll find some more activity in Federated, where you can interact with the wider Fediverse.

wrapper for RR around cargo. finally I can timetravel to debug my 5D-chess with multiverse timetravel clone. πŸ‘€

I'm going to rework some networking on my infra, might be offline intermittendly

what if you had developed a general AI on your computer, something really smart. But it is isolated from the internet. You suspect it might not be up for anything good.

How could the AI convince you to be let free to the internet?

if you experience issues with loading the browser interface, clear cache, I've cleared the cloudflare cache but local cached content might still be outdated

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