MLP finale will air in a few minutes.

Thank you to everyone for the amazing journey, pony on!

it's been over a year since adventure time ended


alright, now runs mastodon 3.0.0, took a while to get my CI pipeline to build that thing

friends are like party members in your dnd campaign; sometimes your friend seduces a dragon and then you gotta deal with the dragonborn wild magic sorcerer

character idea for Dnd:

basically you have a standard average girl that really loves fluffy things with pink color and hearts on them

but she's a barbarian and rage is reflavored so she goes through an anime magical girl transformation into a velociraptor

happy bi visibility day

don't forget to gift your favorite bi person a calculator that only works in binary.

I gifted myself one too

@ShiroiAkuma it worked out in the end. The technician turned up on friday and pushed a few buttons to make it work despite me missing a lot of critical data (like DSL credentials). For all the amateur BS I got from the ISP, their technician was top-notch.

welp back to work after a weeks vacation

I'm back online after much trouble

ISP fucked up getting a technician to my address, so I booked "unlimited data for 1 day" on my phone and use the hotspot

surprisingly okay to browse and youtube with

also setting it up so my entire network uses the hotspot connected to my PC was fun

In case you're wondering why I don't use K8s;

I have a Ansible template for HAProxy and scripts for Docker Swarm interaction that reduces me setting up a new service to making the Docker Compose file and then adding 3 lines to the ansible variables to define routing

it doesn't work

so I'm gonna shop around for some boost converters with ultra low voltage dropout. something like 0.5V or so.

supercapacitors are shortcircuit resistant in the same way nuclear power plants are;

the wire evaporates

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