My talk “The Sheer Terror of PAM” was accepted to RustConf! It’s about making a Rust project at Tailscale and navigating the minefield full of lasers that is PAM’s C module API utilizing our crab overlord to gracefully jump over all the hazards. Served remote with laundry sauce.

I’m gonna try to make it over to Portland to hang out in person though. Can’t exactly do vtubing on-site yet, maybe when Sega makes the Hatsune Miku holographic projection tech affordable?

What do you do when your datacenter gets hit by a meteor? Think about this. Really think!

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@cadey why would anyone want protection from that? :P

Today's wordle attempt


Geplante „Chatkontrolle“ der Kommission aus Sicht des Datenschutzes – ein Thread nach erster Prüfung: Der Entwurf der Kommission ist nicht vereinbar mit unseren europäischen Werten und kollidiert mit geltendem Datenschutzrecht.

When you see literally any power of 2 being spit out of a script or tool and think that's kinda sus ඞ

Someone wrote a really fun study about the CPU and Time overhead of Garbage Collectors in the JDK.

The paper finds that a GC can cost you somewhere north of 80% of CPU cycles and Time (ie, 80% more CPU cycles or Time used due to GC) at minimum and concludes that a low overhead GC remains "elusive".

And hence I like Rust, where the GC is a lie and my Types are turbofishing into yesterday.

Day 2664 of Bareos not supporting ZSTD compression

in case you're wondering why there was downtime; one of the host VM's decided to implode

Redoing the setup to be simpler is definitely on my todo list. Mayhaps with NixOS?

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will be upgrading, I don't expect any downtime

@[email protected] We want Ukraine to win this war. But we also want to set the conditions for Ukraine's success in the aftermath of the war.

The first step is immediate relief. In the second phase, there is a wider reconstruction effort.



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