"The water is wet, the water is whet, how I love it's wet taste and slurp it. The water is wet, the wet is cold, I swim in a barrel of it, because today the water is wet"

~ Same guy

"The mighty are only mighty because the oppressed are divided"

~ Atlan, from the Perry Rhodan Scifi Series

so, the new playtest stuff from WoTC looks fun

First, we get a wild magic sorcerer with the muscles of a barbarian (consider me thoroughly intrigued)

Second, we get Jojo Monks, who can spam fist attacks (if any of my players then yell what they yell in jojo, rocks will fall)

Hello and welcome to my brand new Mastodon account! Your prize for finding this is some Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash ^-^

I finally finished migrating my gitea instance to docker, only thing missing is dumping the db and moving it to the docker stack as well, probably on the HDD since I don't need the IOPS there that the SSD has.

godwin's law 

How to One-Shot Kill the Rogue, Part 1:

Bugbear rolling at disadvantage


Watch the marketing snakeoil brought to you by the people who bought themselves into BlackHat and then got thrown up after everyone rightfully upset

plans for today: setup a third docker swarm node (using user namespace mapping) and move some apps into docker (gitea, isso, ldap)

I'm also going to look into making a docker container out of my arch build scripts. With userns it should make it about as safe as the VM it's running on

@ida i believe this is called "lazy evaluation"

RT @kernpanik@twitter.com

@trafassel@twitter.com @digitalcourage@twitter.com Auf die Frage, warum sie einen App-Zwang eingeführt hat, antwortete die Berliner Sparkasse mir und anderen mehrfach, sie sei durch die EU-Direktive #PSD2 dazu verpflichtet (Screenshot 1).

Ein kurzer Blick in den Gesetzestext beweist, dass das eine glatte Lüge ist (Screenshot 2).

alright, p.s upgrades have finished, that was quite the adventure.

Running Proxmox 6 now, Mastodon updated to 2.6.3, updated firewall,etc.

Hardest was Docker since an alpine upgrade borked up the cgroup configuration, required some fiddling but it's fine now (I think).

Apparently a fix already exists but it's going to show up in the next few docker releases...

Alright, updates are really overdue on pony.social, I'm going to apply various updates and fixes over today, though I'll try to minimize downtime

might have to do some maintenance tomorrow; server is getting a lot of uptime and stuff needs updates.

So I might do a restart on pony.social

playing around with grafana to get my sensors better visualized from influx

hassio is fine for a quick thing but influx gets me historical data for longer time periods

imma start collecting climate data!

@artemis No it's clearly the money we earned smashing pottery of random citizens

Interessant: #FridaysForFuture hatte anscheinend wiederholt Probleme damit, dass Instagram ihre Accounts vorübergehend abschaltete. invidio.us/watch?v=y-3B-24o_jk (letzte Frage, ab 1:32:23). Greta findet das aber nicht weiter bedenklich, weil sich Instagram ja entschuldigt habe.

Da wird deutlich, dass zumindest auf Seiten von Greta keine Sensibilisierung für die Social-Media-Problematik existiert.

Die Bewegung scheint blauäugig, verlässt sich komplett auf Facebook (Instagram/Whatsapp) und Twitter.

@djsumdog tbh sensors and communication protocols is quite the mess, there is probably 20 more protocols. Might make sense to built it so developers can add their own.

@djsumdog add SPI too. Useful stuff even if more than 3 sensors is generally a mess.

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