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Progress on my small project; a personal booru similar to hydra but less annoying to use (hopefully). In the future I hope to use this to curate my cute pony pictures collection

I can't mark it read, if I do it means it's truly over :(

Hold on Opportunity, be strong!

big mac meme 

McDonalds lost copyright for the Big Mac.

Buy my new cryptocurrency; the BigMacCoin. Can be traded for chicken nuggets at your local KFC.

Only german kids from the 70s will remember.

And 80s kids, and 90s kids and 2000s kids and 2010s kids.

food, applepie 

My sis and me made shitloads of apple pie thanks to having too many apples.

It's very good though 👍

tumblrpocalypse, motioncap-text meme 

Pretty much sums up the situation right there tbh

doctor who witchhunt episode 

There is that one line in this episode that bugs me...

Reminder: When you start your job as intern and you get handed your companies golden credit card, you're probably going to maintain their ancient projects that nobody else wants to do.

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