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Finally completed my NAS upgrade.

From 8TB to 21TB total storage.

I can finally leech all the files from!

Anyone know a hidden service mastodon instance I can test this with?

My new host got abused for a DDoS, misconfigured port closed after I was notified by the BSI (German Federal Agency for Computer Security)

Thanks BSI for making the internet a better place today <3

Finishing work on the final 3.5inch HDD mounting bracket I threw together in CAD. The bracket is measured out and can take a standard HDD sideways and has air tunnels on the side to allow for cooling. These will then later replace the current DIY brackets on my server (which are basically 90° steel angles mounted on a piece of board)

Apparently either scammers figured out how to scrape mastodon or they took an amazing amount of time to scrape mine.

Either way, Helen, I'm sadly not interested in buying the attendees list of some con I haven't heard about, thank you very much.

Finished setting up my DIY HDD cage after about 2 hours of work (my electric drill was missing)

Redownloading my Music Playlist on the new NAS

Once I pulled most of my data hoard onto it and I swap the bad harddrive without loosing data, I'll be satisfied

finished up version 2 of my current project, fingers crossed it'll work out!

(it's a high powered LED controller)

finished some restyling to make posts nicer, first look


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