looks like uploads work now, if there is any issues pls report them.

pony.social is also behind cloudflare now as the S3 backend benefits a lot from aggressive caching (and it helps with other issues I've had around).

next step is migrating the server to the new host.

btw: the media storage took 240GB for pony.social! almost 10% of my storage availability on the old host and 50% on the new one.

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rt of twitter.com/Toonforbrains/stat

Here is my tribute to all the great cartoons we've gotten this decade.

Whether they made us laugh, pumped us up, or broke our hearts, it's an era of animation that we'll never forget, and it will go down in history as one of the best...
Thank you all for coming along with me

How to One-Shot Kill the Rogue, Part 1:

Bugbear rolling at disadvantage

playing around with grafana to get my sensors better visualized from influx

hassio is fine for a quick thing but influx gets me historical data for longer time periods

imma start collecting climate data!

finally got the voltage sensor working on my airsensor module.

now I don't have to wait for the entire module going offline to know it's empty

My slicer set the feedrate of my 3D printer to 60 times the speed of light.

The printer was not amused and needed a moment for each retract...

notre-dame, anime-fication 

The internet did it, we have a cute anime-version of notre-dame to feel sad about :(

The church is still remarkably intact. Basically only the roof burned and then the burnt out tower kinda collapsed into it. It really looked a lot more dramatic.

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