On the upside of the outage, I have migrated pony.social to 3.4.0 of mastodon 👍


Pushed Mastodon 3.4.1 to pony.social after I managed to clear out the CI system. In the future this should be done much faster.

Coolio, maybe a friendly design of the app/internet site or the over interface would be great either, but i do guess that's a little complicated.

@DJ_Bron3 yeah sadly such a project would be rather complex. Though there is alternative apps and websites you can use with pony.social (I like Twidere myself for my android phone)

I Got you, tho all of the Bronies are spread around everywhere

@DJ_Bron3 @cult maybe with the start of G5 it will be easier to find new bronies who are sick of Twitter to try Mastodon instead 😀

@cult Good job having gotten this to work in the first place. If it's much like Diaspora used to be, anyway, getting it to work is a significant accomplishment.

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