last time in Curse of Strahd: The heroes beat up some old grannies that just wanted to sell some pies. And made a death slaad out of the pies. Pretty sure making death slaads out of anything is illegal in everywhere except Texas.

Anyway, this time in Curse of Strahd: The party heads to the castle of strahd. The count needs to be stopped at all costs (I am proud of this pun, the players hate me for it). Go into the castle and find a GIANT BEATING HEART MADE OF CRYSTAL AND PUNCH IT). The count doesn't like this and sends his best vampire spawns up there to beat them up. Surprise: instead the vampire spawns are beaten up, quote "you punched all her bones broken".

With just enough time to breathe, they pull the barely alive remains of a fey from the crystal heart and discuss how to get the fey back working again. Best guess: have the lich in the amber temple feed her healing potions for a few weeks.

Strahd returns in full form directly in front of them. His masterplan: kill the fey. The players are mildly annoyed that the count would go for such a stupid last ditch action.

Turns out it was the death slaad all along (death strahd? strahd von slaadovich? not sure there). The real strahd was trailing the party as an ally under polymorph. The Real Strahd made sarcastic hand claps and then phased through a wall before they could do anything. The Real Count is only mildly annoyed at loosing a powerful buff for themselves.

Current status: Strahd doesn't have a +600HP power up anymore, the heart is gone. The party blew through a lot of resources and spell slots. Looks like the monk and warlock might have to call upon their dark gifts.

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