next week I have vacation. I'll focus on a few things:

* finish migrating the old server, I paid for 2 months worth of running both and I don't wanna, that includes nextcloud which I'll move to backblaze as storage backend (still debating if I should just start NC fresh since atm it's a bit of a fucky setup)

* finish several plotlines for the campaign. Atm I'm running a light-preperation sidequest phase and next week, I'll go back with the party to dungeon diving, which requires more prep (custom dungeon)

* cleanup my flat, a lot of stuff has accumulated that needs to go (especially packaging material)

* migrate my campaign for , it's a great tool and compared to roll20, I own my setup and it has modding support out of the box, which provides lots of useful quality-of-life things to me and the players.

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