internet drama, drew devault 

Reading the latest drama caused by DeVault on the alpine mailing list;

he truly is the Fefe of the english speaking internet community. Except with an even more self-inflated ego and backdated idealisms.

internet drama, drew devault 

@cult it's about CI? if it's not about it, can you give me link?

internet drama, drew devault 

@finn no it's mainly about devault refusing to even have people work on features he considers bad, like supporting HTML mail clients (which a lot of people use) and had to be coaxed for weeks to even accept mails that contain both text and HTML.

it's on top of a pile of other rather weird stuff he does and says. it's an opinion I formed over the better part of a decade tbh.

internet drama, drew devault 

I heard that he is really eccentric guy, but it's sad anyway.

re: internet drama, drew devault 

@cult @finn

not to mention that we still have an operational issue: the e-mail clients built into iOS and Android send only text/html messages, this results in our list server sending you a passive-aggressive scolding message that advises you should read

at any rate, we are working diligently to find a solution that works for everyone, in an open and transparent manner, over the past six months. this process is something he describes as a "power grab."

it is unfortunate that we have broken our friendship over this, but the Alpine community deserves mailing lists that do not deride them for posting while using their mobile devices, and my interests are in ensuring the Alpine community gets the resources it deserves.

since switching to the Sourcehut software, our mailing list traffic has dropped significantly, because a lot of the replies made previously were on mobile devices which no longer can post to the lists without using third-party clients. it turns out many people are unwilling to switch to a third-party client with a worse user experience (such as K-9 Mail) just to post to Alpine mailing lists.

internet drama, drew devault 

@finn basically, he got himself thrown out of the project.

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