Party ventured to the place where it all started; Phandalin. The place had a few upgrades since the dwarves now bring in a metric buttload of money every month.

The players buy a decrepit mansion and contract the very same dwarves to rebuild it, then go into the basement to clear it out.

Turns out the nothic they forgot down there when they were there a few months ago had been feeding on people who ventured down there (and mysteriously the townmaster didn't mention this). It got big.

The nothic, instead of fighting the party, gaslit them with pieces from their backstory. Lured them into a wraith that proceeded to take the fighter down a few notches (aka Max HP damage). Then it tried to eat the fighter.

Think of it looking a bit like the black blob ghost from Spirited Away.

The fighter almost died and everyone was a bit beaten after that.

After encountering a hobgoblin that swore vengeance on them after they humiliated him multiple times, they are now well on track on brainwashing him to join their planned mercenary guild.

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