the players continued their way through the kobold dungeon, negotiated a ceasefire with them and got tasked by another NPC to retrieve a roudy teenager from the kobold lair. (it was a young gold dragon in their rebelious phase trying to disguise himself as red dragon)

they stumbled into a deeper part of the dungeon that had been infested by a necromancer. A player almost died to a bodak (fun fact: if a bodak downs you with it's gaze and you're in it's aura, you fail a death save each round due to the aura. So if you roll a nat 1, you're instantly dead)

so after that, they finally met the necromancer and instantly stabbed him to death.

turns out that was the part necessary to complete the lich transformation.

luckily the lich wasn't very good at saving against tasha's hideous laughter and failed enough saves that the rest of the party could bash down the remaining health.

also Death with capital D showed up to collect the phylactery.

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