I'm back online after much trouble

ISP fucked up getting a technician to my address, so I booked "unlimited data for 1 day" on my phone and use the hotspot

surprisingly okay to browse and youtube with

also setting it up so my entire network uses the hotspot connected to my PC was fun

@cult Thats a normal thingie here for most of people, Only thing is we dont have unlimited data.
(try MPTCP ;) )

@ShiroiAkuma it worked out in the end. The technician turned up on friday and pushed a few buttons to make it work despite me missing a lot of critical data (like DSL credentials). For all the amateur BS I got from the ISP, their technician was top-notch.

@cult Whoa that sounds nice, It had taken like 5-7 visits for technician to realize that router is broken in my case :gaysper:

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