finally got the voltage sensor working on my airsensor module.

now I don't have to wait for the entire module going offline to know it's empty

on another note; if anyone has an idea how to calibrate a temperature sensor without having to buy an expensive calibrated temperature sensor, hmu

@cult I don't know what system you use.
You can use an DHT22 with an arduino or equivalent.
Else, if you can mode the sensor, you can use some melting ice (at ambient temperature) to calibrate the 0°C and some boiling water for 100°C.
It will not be super accurate, butaccurate enough for your usage, I think.

@cult What sensors are you using? I maintain some software for OSS sensors .. really need to find more cheap sensors to integrate with it:

@djsumdog I'm using a BME280, it's about 5€ the piece, which is okay-ish since I also measure pressure and humidity and those two seem to be matching my expectations

@cult Cool. I need to add in SPI support at some point. Currently the client (LtSense) supports only 1-wire and Phidget sensors

@djsumdog I'd add I2C and UART to that since a lot of sensors also use those.

@cult err I meant I2C .. I have no idea why I said SPI 😅

@djsumdog add SPI too. Useful stuff even if more than 3 sensors is generally a mess.

@djsumdog tbh sensors and communication protocols is quite the mess, there is probably 20 more protocols. Might make sense to built it so developers can add their own.

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