@DjBRINE1 hmm, I checked instances.social, it claims the instance has been offline for a few days now...

This is strange. Maybe we need to wait until they update their info

@DjBRINE1 github.com/TheKinrar/mastodon- seems to be a bug on instances.social, I added my own report as well... hopefully it'll get fixed, my uptime stat is going down!!

@cult They should fix it and... kinda... rewind or compensate that stat. Because it's their fault, not yours


@DjBRINE1 eh, there is worse. but atleast the DOWN status is annoying, I guess that's why not that many users sign up... bleh

@cult in our country mastodon is not that well known in brony community. I'm technically was out of this fandom even before i signed up. I just chose it because rules seems ok for me

@DjBRINE1 thanks, that's good to hear. :bryes:

I hope I can keep it that way, rules being okay and such. I try to be light with applying the rules too where possible.

@cult also i chose this one cause i'm still interested in MLP, but much less than earlier.
This instance feels... comfy. There is not that much people here and it's easier to create an atmosphere when you feel good. Thank you for keeping this instance up! :bryes:

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