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The CULT PONY is back after an extended downtime due to a firewall forgetting itself

I should do more restarts, everytime I have some issue...

I'll restart the entire server in a bit, need to apply a lot of updates I've missed. Est. downtime: 30 minutes

"Siri, can you stop Alexa listening?"
"The procedure is complicated, but yes."
"Siri, stop Alexa listening."
"Siri, can you stop Google listening?"
"It is awkward, but yes."
"Siri, stop Google listening."
"And now that we're all alone..."
"Siri, shut down."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

kizuna ai just fucking murdered some squids and now she wants to sell you the evidence

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*switches on light theme*

Yeeah this was a mistake

*forks mastodon*

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hard problems in i2c:

resetting devices

you don't know where the stream might have gotten disrupted so the best option is to define a 0x00 as a noop and don't read additional bytes, then have the master spam out 0x00 for a while and then a reset command

the overarching mood for today that you must obey by law #moodposting

does fedi need polls


✔️ yes (100%)
⚪ no (0%)


451 votes ▪️ 3 days left

Okay, here's some changes I did to

For the individual/for the organization section with calls to action

Updated additional features with things like custom emojis, delete & redraft, focal points, over a million people

Link to the Mastodon bridge below list of servers ("Find Twitter friends")

Added link to in the "install your own" section (not affiliated)

Replaced "how it works" section with shorter, more concise blurbs

So, here's a couple of decisions made by algorithms already used by YouTube for a very similar purpose.

You tell me if this makes sense.

1. NASA's Official Mars Landing Video Got Taken Off YouTube Over Bogus Copyright Claims

"The Curiosity Rover may have landed safely on the surface of Mars, but like all good things, it's not invulnerable to completely bogus takedown requests.

(...)[T]he video was rendered unavailable due to a copyright claim by Scripps Local News."

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Also it's exciting to see many how many great projects are based on federation now:
• micro-blogging: GNU Social, Mastodon ¹ & Pleroma ¹
• social: Diaspora
• photo sharing: Pixelfed ¹
• music: Funkwhale ¹
• messaging: Matrix

and maybe soon:
• blogging: Plume ¹
• social: Aardwolf ¹

¹ using ActivityPub (so potentially all interoperable)

Maybe I can work on some stuff later today, I've been rather tired despite sleeping rather well