Bahn fahren in Deutschland:

Webseite der Bahn kann kein Ticket verkaufen da dafür der regionale Verkehrsverbund zuständig ist, der regionale Verkehrsverbund kann kein Ticket verkaufen da die Strecke in einem anderen Verkehrsverbund endet, der andere Verkehrsverbund hat nicht einmal einen Onlineshop ... 😒

Fragt Eure EU Parteien doch einmal, wie ihr Plan aussieht in den nächsten 9 Jahren CO₂ aus der Atmosphäre zu kriegen.


slept terribly today, throat hurts. bleh.

good morning everyone and happy easter monday!

The web browser Brave is marketed as a privacy-friendly ad-free alternative, but that's pretty disingenuous.

Brave exists not to protect privacy, but to make money from selling ads.

Brave is a commercial company funded by venture capital. Its business model is selling advertising and cryptocurrency investment.

One of Brave's owners is Peter Thiel's Founders Fund. Thiel is also the head of Palantir (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palantir) and on the board of Facebook.

I do not recommend using Brave.


happy easter weekend! pony episode was lots of fun yesterday, basically ocean's 11 mixed with some Brooklyn 99 Halloween Hunt. Of course, a bit dumbed down.

another reason why matrix is garbage:

After *AN ENTIRE* week, I still have matrix servers pinging my server, causing some actual significant load. Where the frick is the timeout?

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the asparagus season has begun in germany. you can smell it everywhere...

@DjBRINE1 hmm, I checked instances.social, it claims the instance has been offline for a few days now...

The church is still remarkably intact. Basically only the roof burned and then the burnt out tower kinda collapsed into it. It really looked a lot more dramatic.

today is tuesday. 2 days until weekend.

thanks to friday being a holiday, as well as next monday, I'm gonna enjoy the frick out of a 4 day weekend.

how long until the internet makes some anime waifu out of the burnt down notre dame?

Notre Dame is three and a half times older than the United States.

old. so much history. I am glad my daughter saw it a few weeks ago.

how does one sample a VGA signal with an ESP32?

RT Twitter re "Matrix was hacked":

Their protocol, reference server and reference client are a disaster so what could we expect but their internal security being a disaster too?

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