due to the hosting k8s cluster giving up the ghost entirely pony.social will have to do a surprise migration in the very short-term near future

hyper demon review so far: you are a dude with an arm and you shoot demons

and it is SO GOOD

Will be delayed to next week, still facing computer troubles :(

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Going to migrate pony.social to a more modern setup this weekend, there might be some downtime to expect, but nothing too overly long, maybe 2 or 3 hours.

Hi these are words and I am typing them

Would y'all read me doing reviews of those portable gaming PC handhelds? Thinking about picking up the Anbernic Win600 and Ayn Loki Mini to review on the blog.

How Static Code Analysis Prevents You From Waking Up at 3AM With Production on Fire


I've had some thoughts on Kubernetes and I think the abstraction is wrong. IMO the ideal orchestration platform would be message and actor based, similar to Erlang's VM. And all internals would be web-assembly based.

Of course it would still have to be stateless but that can be solved by just starting actors for every task from fresh, giving it only access to the current state of the part of the cluster it manages and expecting it to return a transformed state.

Pending accounts approved because I'm a lazy pony who doesn't check the queue often enough :)

This weekend pony.social is going down for maintenance. It should not last terribly long, but I can't say in advance.

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