Switched from my own analytics tool to fathom on my website, gonna see if anyone actually uses it...

welcome to end of monday, it's almost over!


Researchers find out that ads and tracking cause most of the loading delays.

Nothing we didn't know yet was learned.

Dragon prince is good but lacking frames...


This track is a, to quote Gigguk, "real banger"!

Been listening nonstop for hours...


“We have made every reasonable engineering effort to try to recover Opportunity and have determined that the likelihood of receiving a signal is far too low to continue recovery efforts," said John Callas, manager of the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) project at JPL.

Opportunity is officially End of Mission.

Art13 + 11, EU, Politics, Go Vote Show more

Art13 + 11, EU, Politics, Go Vote Show more

I can't mark it read, if I do it means it's truly over :(

Hold on Opportunity, be strong!


Intel's "Secure" Enclave is apparently as "Secure" as just leaving your laptop out in the open.

monday: worst day of the week but only 4 days left to weekend.


Good morning y'all and welcome to the weekend. Try not to think of monday!

been playing some apex, 's a fun game compared to pubg. It's quite amazing how fast the hype on pubg died down in the last months.

I should probably clean up the federated timeline of pony.social a bit...

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