my players had to investigate a series of dissappearances in the city. All the people attended the same church. After looking into that for a bid, they find out the church had been taken over by Kuo-Toa.

They fought the Kuo-Toa and the Kuo-Toa were so impressed that their dying conscious thoughts together birthed a new diety.

I present:

Quar-Bo, Goddess of Drunkness, neutral good, Domain of Alcohol, Faerun Pantheon. Her holy symbol is an half empty ale glass.

What precisely the kuo toa were doing, they will discover next session. got it's restart, took longer than expected but it's done now. Performance should be a bit better now.

most notable is really that the DNS server sometimes crashes and takes k8s with it because REASONS I guess. I want to setup a secondary resolver in case the primary goes down.

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I will have to restart the hoster box today, run some outstanding updates and patch some issues.

Should be a downtime of no more than an hour. Probably in about 8 hours from now or so (if I don't forget).

waking up is the worst part of the day. best part is staying up late.

I and the party were hunting down the mcguffin to mechanus. The bad guys showed up with some goons as well.

We had to file paperwork to properly take possession of the mcguffin when I had an idea.

I filed to get the bad guys paperwork on taking possession of the mcguffin.

Rolled a nat20 intelligence check to find the correct form for that and fill it appropriately.

So when the bad guys were bathing in their supposed victory of having obtained the mcguffin, I just went to the back office and had the local police force get it. They didn't fight, nobody breaks the law in mechanus.

I pulled apart my ALDI wireless earplugs. They're decent but number right broke.

It looks like there is some test pads on it >:)

Pins are: TX/TR/GND/RX/SDA/KEY/RST. I suspect a serial interface, no idea what KEY/TR is for. SDA is a bit useless without SCL, that might be hidden on the other side but I doubt it.

I might connect TX/RX and see what happens. What could also help is disconnect the battery and reconnect it. Maybe charge it manually? It did go flat before the thing went a bit weird.

network maintenance is done, should have had minimal downtime on (accidentally crapped my k8s ingress though)

still some outstanding DB maintenance

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also started a database reindex+ vacuum since there were some corruption problems after a crash

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Finished some routing changes internally, TCP connections are now routed via HAProxy to the proper backend. Means I can do healthchecks and DNS based routing properly on the backend

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I'm doing some maintenance work on my k8s cluster, don't worry if is unavailable for a bit. Should make the cluster more stable, had a few issues with the main nodes crashing due to OOM from kubelet (?????)

in regards to the derpibooru drama

byteslice/byte[] has quit over this and doesn't support nazis on derpibooru. Do not harass them in any way.

on the other hand I could expand the "brand" (it's not a brand but whatever).

I've been planning to start a Lemmy instance (federated reddit), I'm not sure if PixelFed is the right software to host an image board (PF is more about photos), so probably best to look for something else or write something / patch philomena.

I'm going to make a decision on this on the weekend, Lemmy is most likely to be starting. I'm thinking as "", if someone has a different idea I am welcome to it.

Obviously any derpi-type host will be under "" (unless someone has a better idea)

derpibooru, politics 

So is there already a new instance based on the derpibooru that is more welcoming and inclusive now that derpibooru administration has caved to fascism?

if not i'd be happy to provide hosting CPU power and network to some extend

derpibooru, politics 

derpibooru rolled back their recent rule changes. from what I understand, the moderation and administration has suffered a hostile takeover and is run by people who don't care.

looks like we need a federated alternative to derpibooru.

Post a DNP on derpibooru if you care about them, they shouldn't just roll back positive rule changes to kick out bad people.

Here, I've partially shaped the blade, rounded it off and carved the hidden edges facing the crossguards, which in the process broke the crossguards off, before I reattached them and made the second set of crossguards for the other side.

moving some of the remaining tooling of the server, nothing related to but it's get close to lights out on the old host

some unplanned downtime today on due to a database crash

some unplanned downtime today on due to a database crash

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