got some of those steel spikes to prevent pidgeons from landing on the balcony

the little pests have been leaving their waste all over it and I'm sick of it.

my weather sensor DID IT AGAIN

somehow it manages to connect to wifi and report a single data point every other week on a totally dead battery.

have i invented the perpetum mobile?

my players always run through the content too fast

there is something worrying about the headline "DOOM co-creator to develop human like AI from home".

I welcome our new demon overlords.

my outside temperature sensor just reported a single datapoint on temperature, humidity and air pressure

the twist: it's been with a flat dead battery for a week!

Today in the life of cultpony: bought tape, it's good tape, will use it for returning a defective product to online shops.

that's all folks!

MLP finale will air in a few minutes.

Thank you to everyone for the amazing journey, pony on!

it's been over a year since adventure time ended


alright, now runs mastodon 3.0.0, took a while to get my CI pipeline to build that thing

friends are like party members in your dnd campaign; sometimes your friend seduces a dragon and then you gotta deal with the dragonborn wild magic sorcerer

character idea for Dnd:

basically you have a standard average girl that really loves fluffy things with pink color and hearts on them

but she's a barbarian and rage is reflavored so she goes through an anime magical girl transformation into a velociraptor

happy bi visibility day

don't forget to gift your favorite bi person a calculator that only works in binary.

I gifted myself one too

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