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finished up version 2 of my current project, fingers crossed it'll work out!

(it's a high powered LED controller)

Woke up and fixed up a PCB project.

When I designed it, I made a small mistake and some part didn't work, so currently there is wires coming out everywhere and a lab card sticking out of it so I can solder on fixes.

It now works thanks to the magic of optocouplers!

Good morning! Finally weekend. <swear word> finally

todays work: fix up LDAP server and integrate into git server. Also reopened registrations but only via gitlab.

up on the todolist: figure out how to migrate users from mastodon to LDAP without interruption...

I've started having a better time on Mastodon/Fediverse by treating this like early Twitter: I try to follow back everyone in order to fill my timeline with stuff. I aggressively follow anyone when I see a boost of something they wrote that I like. I am going to start doing the ol' Follow Friday thing to help other people find people. I follow a lot of people I know *NOTHING* about but it's finally lively enough to keep me engaged.

gitea update blew up when they breached the 782 byte index size limit on mysql/mariadb

why are people still using mysql/mariadb when it's such a trashfire?

Finally Friday! Also time to deal with customs to import my chinese PCBs...

good morning y'all

it's almost weekend!

openai is about to wipe the floor with a bunch of top-0.5% players in DOTA!

I would also like to thank everyone who helped me master the art of 5A circuitry. Thank you random people on the internet.

Despite that, I will very thoroughly load test this project to make sure it doesn't combust while I'm not looking and when done put it in a secure metal box and close it up so it only smookes a bit.

finished two new PCB designs today.

a sensor module for operating arbitrary sensors with an attiny85

and a power LED module so I can drive up to 5A and up to 30V (about 150W total) into power LED strips with an arduino.

hopefully both work :bryes:

I took a picture of my pizza at 300x magnification, 10/10 best use of a soldering microscope

finally weekend. nice and cool air to relax!