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Aliens stopped us from the last nuclear war because radioactive fallout prevents us from activating the last phase of the christ consciousness grid and would totally destroy Gaia's energetic flair, causing the psychic decimation of our galaxy's soul

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Japanese translation opinions 

Though what is "literal" supposed to mean in a translation anyway? Myopic? It's its own different kind of fiction. A subjective notion of a style of translation that is intentionally rough but direct?

How does one "literally" interpret the level of rudeness in a sentence like that anyway? On a scale of 10 is it supposed to feel like a 3 or a 7 in its native culture? How do you express the same level to an English audience? How much of this can be called "literal"?

This was totally not a test of the cross-posting infrastructure

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pub fn xebuzz() {
.map(|n| match (n % 3 == 0, n % 5 == 0) {
(true, true) => "FizzBuzz".into(),
(true, false) => "Fizz".into(),
(false, true) => "Buzz".into(),
(false, false) => format!("{}", n),
.for_each(|v| println!("{}", v));

"The annoying orange is the first vtuber"

Twitter deployed cringe and they lost subscriber

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