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Leftheria is easily the best area in Xenoblade

Nobody has claimed the extra credit on my latest blogpost yet

I'm speaking at Conf42 Rust 2022 and GambiConf EU's Online Day about how this site works!

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@cadey wheres a good best practices guide for nix?

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This didn't get a lot of attention when I posted it on here... ok! But maybe I should re-state why it's interesting.

If you've wanted to get into Scheme or SICP, this is like a from-0-experience Scheme tutorial that compresses about 3/4 of SICP's core into an hour / 30 pages!

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Hi these are words and I am typing them

What mastodon server should I use if I wanted to set up a corporate brand account for $DAYJOB?

Gonna be streaming all weekend starting around midnight EDT:

Goddamnit they got me on the front page again. I've made $2 off of ad impressions from them. Laughing my way to the bank!

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