Would y'all read me doing reviews of those portable gaming PC handhelds? Thinking about picking up the Anbernic Win600 and Ayn Loki Mini to review on the blog.

@lanodan @freebliss my point is that maybe it shouldn't be horribly hard to make packages

@lanodan @freebliss This has happened because making a distribution package is nontrivial compared to not making one. If you want people to use distribution packages you need to make them as easy to make as NPM packages. The cambrian explosion of GitHub will never go away. The genie is out of the bottle. What we do with this knowledge is what matters.

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Critics of the Steam Deck have stated that the Deck “has no identity of its own”, partially because it “offers no exclusives”.

My brother in Christ, it can play almost any game produced within the last 40 years or so. Exclusives are a dumb concept to prop up walled gardens.

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I haven't posted here in a while. I've been sitting on a bunch of DnD style worldbuilding/dungeon notes for a while and I'm wondering if I should release them to the public. If I did I'd probably put them on our main blog. Would that be something useful?

@jaycie I'm at like 65% of normal lol, covid sucks

@rey Feeling more energetic than I have for the last week, hoping that this will continue

You may just not be ready to read this 

sewi suli: "The stage is set. The players are in their places. You have learned all the lessons you need to learn to thrive in this situation. What kind of future do you want to create, Creator? The choice is yours."

after getting covid damn am I ever tempted to hole up for the rest of the year and not travel at all

How Static Code Analysis Prevents You From Waking Up at 3AM With Production on Fire


@artemis that song mashes up perfectly with Reeses Puffs

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