My Blog is Hilariously Overengineered to the Point People Think it's a Static Site

@cadey thank you for sharing this, that's very interesting

@cadey did you try exporting your blog as a nginx conf containing your blog posts content in each location to see if it competes with the current flow?

Being in nginx config would prevent FS lookup that certainly hits the response time with a traditional static website.

I'm just curious, that's fine if you have better to do :flan_XD:

@solene I didn't know that was even like...a thing.

I don't think I have enough time to do that though.

@cadey yes, I suppose you can use

return 200 '<html><body>Hello World</body></html>';

but then it may be complicated to escape everything.

@solene nginx supports caching, but i heard cache invalidation is a hard problem to solve


@davidak @cadey nginx caching shouldn't provide any benefit over a static website anyway :( it's only useful for dynamic backend you can cache.

As for the invalidation, expiration works well, but you may need to run a find /something -delete to clear it when needed, it's not very practical when you have a cluster of nginx 😅 especially when a customer wants to do it themselves

@cadey wow. your awesomeness is impressive 🤯

you seem very happy and proud in the talk and you can be with what you achieve

one could think everything you do is perfect, but no pressure

i love your furry art, especially the one with split keyboard

there is probably no website that is so much optimized. and you still get to creating content, that is also very good and even popular

i wish everyone get's the opportunity to express themselves and be so happy and proud as you seem in this talk ✨

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