My talk “The Sheer Terror of PAM” was accepted to RustConf! It’s about making a Rust project at Tailscale and navigating the minefield full of lasers that is PAM’s C module API utilizing our crab overlord to gracefully jump over all the hazards. Served remote with laundry sauce.

I’m gonna try to make it over to Portland to hang out in person though. Can’t exactly do vtubing on-site yet, maybe when Sega makes the Hatsune Miku holographic projection tech affordable?

@[email protected] I've seen small-scale DIY people get by with large planes of glass or mosquito netting and a projector. The real thing is quite expensive.

@cadey Oh, that sounds very interesting! Do you know if the talk will be recorded or maybe livestreamed? I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend in person.

I’ve been thinking a lot about PAM lately.

@giffengrabber I plan to:

- Prerecord the talk
- Upload it to my blog the day after the talk
- Convert the talk into a writeup like the other things in
- Include full subtitles in the YouTube upload
- Release my slide deck with speaker notes

Will that work for you?

@cadey Wow. That’s so generous of you. Simply awesome!

Very much looking forward to hearing this talk.

Lemme know if you need any feedback before or after (proofreading or whatever).

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