An #introduction post:

I’m a #softwareengineer who believes in labour #organizing, #antiracism, #decolonization, and #radicalleft politics more broadly. I occasionally write essays about the intersection of tech and society on my blog.

When I’m not at work I read (#sff mainly, but also any nonfiction about human systems and why they’re so janky), go #climbing, and attempt various forms of #crafting (most recently #sewing and #embroidery). On Fridays I post #memes. Nice to meet you!

also I am so irony-poisoned from twitter that writing an entire-ass sincere post made me itch all over, make of that what you will


@phire Don't worry, we don't need to synergize strategic deliverables over here. We post the dankest of memes and don't apologize. This is the deep web.

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