@cadey > In part of this post I use my new Xeact-powered HTML component for some of the conversation fragments, but the sizing was off on my iPhone when I tested it. If you know what I am doing wrong, please get in touch.

i was going to try and troubleshoot but it works in desktop webkit and debugging ios safari is so awful

@leo You can't blame me for giving up and asking for someone to help though can you? lol

@cadey to be fair, most devs don't even bother to try using gnome web, and I've found that has helped for a lot of safari issues

@leo Guess what browser I was debugging that post in lol

@cadey y'know what. I might as well try the free trial of the one maintained tool for debugging iOS Safari without a Mac now that they also support Linux, though it costing $50/year is silly

@cadey the main reason I'm mad about that is that it used to be foss and support linux, the devs simultaneously made it closed, paid, and windows-only

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