@cadey w3.org has a really great article on this: w3.org/International/questions

In short it's best to give users a single field for name that can be anything. If an app needs some way to address that individual in short the way a given name often does, offer another form field for it! "What can we call you informally when addressing you in our app?" Boom! Problem solved.

Anyway, I understand your frustrations and respect them. I will try my best to build software that respects names. And thank you for clarifying your own name preference. I've been in the habit of going by your name from your domain, but I'll try to use Xe from now on.

@cadey This is the main reason why I'm reluctant to make my pseudonym official. How about we all chose a common last name that both renders the concept absurd and also makes us a huge family? A bit like "anonymous", but I don't want to reuse that

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