@cadey Also, normalise doing Open Source development during the pay time. This should be even less controversial, yet many employers still forbid this for some stupid reason.

@cadey Hoping the title is just meant to catch people's attention and not meant as an actual true statement, because open source is very definitely not broken. OSS has a funding problem for sure, but open source itself is ethically the right thing and the correct path for software development. As for addressing the funding problem, solutions would be more helpful than pointing out the obvious that corporations and users need to pay. How to make them pay is what needs to be answered.

@minnix The title is minor clickbait to catch people's attention because news aggregators only show the title, so I am taking advantage of that.

It's a complicated problem and I don't have much of a solution right now. But I don't feel that it's fair to not be allowed to call a problem out unless you have a solution for it. This is a societal social problem, as a technologist I am ill suited to make such a solution, but what I can do is take actions that will not make it worse.

@cadey I don't feel that's fair either, which is why I wouldn't do that, try to disallow someone from highlighting a problem. And anything to shed more light on the issue is helpful in itself. I guess seeing this issue being addressed over and over again without a solution is quite fatiguing though to those of us who contribute to OSS.

@minnix @cadey
A funding problem is a break in the supply chain. If free and/or open-source development is being slowed due to a funding problem then that project is broken whether the philosophy of open development is the ethical choice or not. Given how prevalent this problem is, the title is barely even an exaggeration.

This is literally the reason that mainstream software development still refuses to go open-source.

@cadey how much can i pay you to make your website accessible

@jookia Oh no, what's wrong? I thought I did a good job there!

@cadey there's a lot of things, but this was more an actual response to your post content

@jookia speaking seriously though as someone without accessibility needs, what am I doing wrong so I can fix it?

@cadey i can give you a basic list, but try checking the WCAG 2.1 checklist. again, how much do you need to be paid for it?

@jookia what is wrong then? I cannot proceed until I know what is wrong. Linking the WCAG guidelines to me tells me nothing about what I am doing wrong.

@cadey it's a WCAG quick ref, so if you ctrl-f 'contrast' you'll find the answer

@jookia Okay, thank you for telling me that. I'm gonna go through and try to find appropriate colors for them (that still fit within my theme) that have a contrast ratio as high as possible.

@cadey mostly yes. the syntax highlighting is still too low contrast, and now link hovering is broken.

there's tools that will tell you about this, like firefox's accessibility tab

@cadey this, except my concern is more like “I don’t care as long as I get to keep code in the open and I can have a life, but no one seems to want to provide me that, and if I go my own way then I can’t wait to get into patent hell”

I made this point with regard to indie game development a few months ago. I was binging games on itch.io and it warmed my heart to see how many developers choose the pay-what-you-want model, and since I'm very aware of how easily I forget myself I thought it was pertinent to remind people to leave a tip when you find you enjoy something.

Voluntary capitalism requires volunteers. We can all play a part in making someone's dream come true with a little mindfulness.

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