Hmm, I wonder how the one thread is going on an issue tracker. Seems there was a giant reply by one of the project leads that tone-deafly said that they're gonna double down on the thing that people hate and that the things people have been seeing are theoretical issues.

> As a whole, the thing I can most easily do to prevent myself undue burden as a package maintainer in Go is to just not make packages in Go at all.


> It's now clear that the path forward, if any, is an alternative ecosystem.

@cadey which thread is that? I haven't been following the go ecosystem for a while

@cadey Damn...

Go's dependency system was already a piece of shit to handle ever since they dropped gopath...

I was fighting for weeks to try to self-host a small go package repository, without any form of doc and with being told "RTFM" by their community servers... Well, guess I'm just gonna nope out of this language.

@cadey I cannot manage to get my head around its type system, especially for async programming.

It's just too much of a strain to code anything in rust for me, right now

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