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My talk “The Sheer Terror of PAM” was accepted to RustConf! It’s about making a Rust project at Tailscale and navigating the minefield full of lasers that is PAM’s C module API utilizing our crab overlord to gracefully jump over all the hazards. Served remote with laundry sauce.

I’m gonna try to make it over to Portland to hang out in person though. Can’t exactly do vtubing on-site yet, maybe when Sega makes the Hatsune Miku holographic projection tech affordable?

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ultimate ally! this cis man writes a book that makes you trans and also teaches you a programming language

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act 93425 requires all evil maid attacks to be performed while wearing a maid uniform

80k hits on my blog for being on the front page of orange site for at least 6 hours, 13k ad impressions and 900 views on the related livestream VOD. I'd say that's a success! Every other metric is slightly elevated, but that's normal when I hit the front page.

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a minecraft mod that installs a different "this mod lets you havest crops by right clicking" mod every time you right click on a crop

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> I'm probably being very paranoid so apologies in advance, but a high profile blogger following a "I miss Heroku" post 3 days later with "I think Fly is the new Heroku" doesn't feel organic... Maybe a disclaimer one way or the other would have been a good addition to an otherwise awesome post.

Author here. The "I miss Heroku" post was written on 2022-05-05 and published on the 12th after being patron-exclusive for about a week. This post was a followup I made after playing with on a twitch stream ( This was ad-hoc and I decided to just instantly publish it rather than wait a week for it to be patron-exclusive since the Heroku topic was buzzing on Hacker News. Seems my gamble paid off.

I don't feel a disclaimer about the timing of my own content is required. If a reader wants to find out what else I've written, they are free to go to the blog index and discover it that way. Hacker News also lets you search by domain.

I am both honoured and slightly horrified by the accusation of being a "high profile blogger" though, it's something I've had to get used to as it seems that my articles are well-liked. Thanks for reading though! I hope it was enlightening.

> At one point (a very long time ago now) it was declared that Dogwood was the future and as a result Go would be the language of choice at Heroku and Erlang would be no more.

This explains why people were rewriting logplex and vegur lol. Wondered why they were bothering to do that. Was good for me though, I was hired to do Go for metaas.

> Trouble is that Erlang ran all the important Cedar code (it might still today) and the Erlang engineers didn't particularly like the news that Erlang code was essentially deprecated so they left and nobody knew how to maintain the stack. This definitely wasn't the only problem we had but it was a big one.

Are you kidding? ferd made bank with emergency oncall contracts for vegur and logplex. That's a dream gig kind of thing at the least.

> What do fellow Herokai think? Was Dogwood a fool's errand? I think I could make a case either way.

Dogwood was fine, but they didn't let the scope creep stop. If they just stopped the scope creep and shipped something, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

What do you do when your datacenter gets hit by a meteor? Think about this. Really think!

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> Wow, that's a horrible way of thinking about the user experience. And honestly, I'm not surprised. That's why companies that really care about the user experience will always steal market share from those that don't.

What the fuck are you supposed to do then? This is the horror of the cloud.

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> Of course none of that matters if you have 4 developers like OP but for folks like myself that routinely end up at places with 300+ engineers then it's a huge deal.

Excuse me I have 6 developers you internet. That is at least 2 more than 4.

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> For low-latency workers like that it might make sense to just run them on the same instance as the web servers.

Nirvana has been found.

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> Perhaps for looking back to see the history of things, a unified ledger is convenient.

Use git.

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> But no periodic tasks with a scheduler that is part of the platform.

Yeah, run cron in a container though

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> The failure wasn't in the prohibitive cost at scale (though that factor didn't help); it was that for most real-world stuff we need IaaS, not PaaS.

No, you think you want IaaS, but PaaS is really good enough for the p90 of apps. You're probably in the p10 of apps that are shit for PaaS stuff and that's fine. But p10 is not p90, that's a difference of at least 80.

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> what if they want to use a CMS?

Use a CMS then

wow such amaze

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