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Isekai about a team of extractors rescuing those who were basically kidnapped by the gods of other worlds. An excuse to mix literally every genre.

Custody cases that go to higher-dimensional courts. Infernal contract law disputes. Criminal prosecution of repeat offender deities. Worlds and Wards of the Quantum State put up for adoption. Lots of ideas.

Somebody write this Sword Art Online x Law & Order fanfic.

attempting to encourage the planet to write isekai is fun

hyper demon review so far: you are a dude with an arm and you shoot demons

and it is SO GOOD

making evil plans while listening to carlie rae jepsen

I'm gonna hunker down here for a while. Birdsite is too stressful.

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@cadey Hate to be a rando in your mentions, but i was inspired by one of your posts the one on Heroku Free Tier, to create my own.

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