I remember when I was in elementary school and I looked forward to being an adult because I'd have no school during christmas week
and now I have work instead

goals be like I'm going to know how it feels and it's not this but if I try to draw them or even visualize them in my mind they fall apart

I've come to the disturbing realization that I have far too many pets. my phone and my desktop are pets and I have no backups. this is bad.

I'm not a radical transhumanist everyone else is just an ubertraditionalist

valuable insight: in the hypothetical posthuman future where we've solved identity by building cryptographic identity attestation modules into our brains, guarding against mind control is not within the scope of identity solutions and I can safely say "not my problem" and let the infosec people handle it for me.

that moment when a thing you don't understand is handled by someone smarter than you
I am the reason the internet is shit

>new infomercial
[video of man collapsing to the floor]
[watch the fall]
[ominous music]
[pill bottle falls from his hands, scatters pills across the floor]
[zoom in on pill bottle]
[zoom in on label]
["functional programming"]
[pills are shaped like lambdas]
don't do [functional programming]
[functional programming] can['t] have side effects.
[DARE logo]
[commercial has the opposite of its intended effect]
[functional programming epidemic]

fido2 and webauthn are literally magic. I love it. I live in the future except no one else does and so the only thing I can actually use this for is ssh and as normal u2f 🙃

firefox doesn't even support resident credentials

I am learning things of great power, fear me
[camera shows an adorable baby tentacled horror]

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